10 Chinese New Year Hampers You Can Still Get Last Minute

10 Chinese New Year Hampers You Can Still Get Last Minute

Chinese New Year hampers are a great way to spread the joy this festive season. But sometimes, when you get caught up with work or life in general, you might forget to grab them ahead of time. Fret not, because whether you’re looking to gift your relatives some health tonics, yummy goodies or foods, you can still get your hands on these Chinese New Year hampers!

Chinese New Year Hampers for last minute buyers

1. Eu Yan Sang Joyous Prosperity CNY Hamper (S$398)

10 Chinese New Year Hampers You Can Still Get Last Minute

Joyous Prosperity Hamper | Eu Yan Seng

A favourite of many Singaporeans, you can never go wrong with tonics and health foods. While their popular Embracing Wellness CNY Hamper has already sold out Eu Yan Seng can still get their hands on their other gifts like the Joyous Prosperity Hamperhamper. It features a bottle of Moscato wine, abalone from Australia, essence of chicken, bird’s nest, braised pearl topshells, and their revitalising & longevity tonic soup.

2. BRAND’S® Golden Fortune Hamper Box (S$42.55)

brands hamper

Golden Fortune Hamper Box | BrandsWorld Singapore

This hamper contains 12 essence of chicken bottles (68ml), formulated with cordyceps and astragalus. Perfect for your relatives who constantly work late nights, their school-age children studying for exams or seniors who want to remain active.

3. Sinpopo Happiness Hamper (S$138)

Sinpopo Happiness Hamper

Happiness Hamper | Sinpopo

Known for its Katong-style Peranakan desserts and kuehs, the local baked goods company Sinpopo offers a hamper featuring handmade kaya, 2 “Gourmet Treats” tins and a tin of Half & Half.

Customise your hamper by choosing from their Toasted Coconut, Cula Melaka and Curry Leaf with Salter Egg Yolk “Gourmet Treat” cookies.

4. Yue Hwa $88 Hamper (S$88)

yue hwa hamper

$88 Hamper | Yue Hwa SG

If your purse strings are a bit tight this year, not to worry. Yue Hwa’s hampers which featuring China abalone, white fungus and white fungus bird’s nest. This gift is not too shabby for a hamper under $100.

5. Yu Xiang Yan 2019 Prosperity Luck 一帆风顺 Hamper ($188)

yu xiang yan bird nest hamper

Prosperity Luck 一帆风顺 Hamper | Yu Xiang Yan

By now, many of the popular bird nest brand’s hampers are probably already sold out. Still available, however, is this Prosperity Luck Hamper from Yu Xiang Yan. This massive hamper carries cha hua gu, aloe vera birdnest, China abalone, alongside other Chinese health foods.

You can still order this from Yu Xiang Yan’s website.

6. New Moon 5s Red Gift Set (S$120.80)

Chinese New Year Hampers - New Moon 5s Red Gift Set

New Moon 5s Red Gift Set | Tangs

Many of the popular abalone brand’s hampers are no longer available for order after January. Luckily, you can still get your premium New Moon Abalone with this 5s Red Gift Set.

This set features abalone from New Zealand and Australia, as well as razor clam, fish maw soup and pacific clam.

You can order the New Moon 5s Red Gift Set from Tangs until 10 Feb 2019.

7. Far East Flora Bountiful Riches Signature Vessel Hamper ($115.56 nett)

far east flora bountiful riches

Far East Flora Bountiful Riches Hamper | FarEastFlora

Everyone wishes their new year will be smooth-sailing (一帆风顺), so why not begin the Year of The Pig with presents literally piled in a boat? This Signature Vessel Hamper from Far East Flora comes in a boat-shaped basket and with a zodiac-embroidered golden sail.

This elaborate gift pack contains various Chinese New Year goodies such as cashew nuts, sun biscuits, and sunflower seeds, as well as cans of New Moon fish maw soup, razor clams, and the hamper-essential, bird’s nest with rock sugar.

The Far East Flora Bountiful Riches Hamper can be ordered from their site. Delivery within Singapore is chargeable at $7.00 ($7.49 with GST).

8. Divine Cookies with Mini Honey (S$72.00)


Divine Cookies with Mini Honey | Tangs

For all the vegans out there, these artisanal handcrafted cookies from Tangs are eggless and have reduced sugar. This makes perfect alternative to traditional CNY hampers too.

Get the Divine Cookies with Mini Honey from Tangs, and get a free premium gift bag.

9. Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Prosperity, Wealth or Abundance Hampers (S$218, S$318, S$418)

Auspicious Lunar New Year Goodies

Marriott Hotel Lunar New Year Goodies | Marriott Tang Plaza

This hamper of cakes and goodies from bakers and pastry chefs of Marriott Hotel are just divine. These hampers feature both local delights like Eight Treasures Cake, Kueh Bangkit, and Traditional Nian Gao, as well as Western desserts like Chocolate Pralines, Red Velvet Cheese Cookies.

Perfect for your relatives with a sweet tooth.

Hurry though! These goodies are only available until 4th February! Check out Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s website or their Forecourt Stall from 11am to 9pm.

10. One Farrer Hotel Prosperity Bundle (S$308)


One Farrer Hotel Prosperity Bundle | One Farrer Hotel Singapore

The main component of the Bundle is the One Farrer Signature Yu Sheng – with a serving size of 8-10 persons! What’s more, you can also get a $50 dining voucher at Escape Restaurant at One Farrer Hotel when you order their Prosperity Bundle.

And supplementing that are Chinese New Year treats like caramelised sesame walnuts, almond cookies, homemade Golden pineapple tarts and Orange Chocolate Chiffon Mousse Cake.

Last date for orders is 9th Feb 2019. Visit One Farrer Hotel Singapore‘s website for more information. 

11. Fullerton Hotel Abundance Hamper (S$308.16)

Chinese New Year Hampers - Fullerton Hotel Abundance Hamper

Abundance Hamper | Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel’s Abundance Hamper, or 好风水礼篮, is a sumptuous collection of Chinese foods. The hamper features a bottle of Pio Cesare Nebbiolo red wine, Chinese sausages, walnuts coated in honey with sesame seeds, pineapple cookies, green pea cookies, love letters, and more.

Get this from the Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Lobby Level.

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Abigail Ang