10 Cute Valentines Cards That You Can DIY

10 Cute Valentines Cards That You Can DIY10 Cute Valentines Cards That You Can DIY

Surprise your S/O with these gorgeous cards.

DIY Valentines cards not only give you a chance to flex your creative muscles, but are also personalised and, to some, more heartfelt.

However, not all DIY projects look as good as those bought from a store. Don’t worry, we have a variety of ideas you can try—depending on your DIY skills and creativity. 

Here are 10 cute Valentines cards you can DIY –

1. “I Love You More Than…” Card

diy valentines card

This creative take on the paper hearts chain card helps you tell your partner how much you appreciate them. After all, if you were forced to make a choice, you would choose your partner over bacon, wouldn’t you?

You can also use this card to list the different reasons why you love them. A project that your S/O will keep close to their (real) heart.

2. Needlework heart

Loved String Heart Box Sign- gift-clalternate

Image | Pinterest

Get out your balls of unused yarn and colourful strings to make this beautiful, but simple craft. Use a stencil to trace a perfectly symmetrical heart before you start to get a polished look, or go with your gut to get a home-made feel.

10 Cute Valentines Cards That You Can DIY

1. Hammer thin nails into a small piece of wood or card in the shape of a heart.

2. Place one nail in the middle of the heart.

3. Loop a string around each outer nail and the middle nail, pulling it taut before tying a knot.

4. Repeat until you form a heart of strings.

5. Alternatively, you can wrap a string around the outer nails to form a heart shape with the string.

6. Place the piece of wood or card in a standing frame.

3. “Open Me When” Origami hearts

open me when

Write an encouraging message on a square piece of paper and fold it into a heart. You can fold multiples of these and place them in a jar for your partner to read in different difficult situations.

how to fold heart

Image | Pinterest

4. Tumbling hearts polaroid card

love you polaroid card

Image | Pinterest

How to show your partner how you’ve fallen head over heels for them? Why not with this creative card with tiny hearts tumbling all over each other in the window of the polaroid?

Just like how your heart feels when you see your boo. *winks*

diy valentine cards hearts

1. Cut out small hearts from brightly-coloured sheets of paper.

2. Cut a layer of foam into a U-shape to hold the mini-hearts and paste it onto the card.

3. Cut out the window of a polaroid and stick a transparent plastic layer over the window.

4. Paste the polaroid over the foam.

5. Seal the top hole of the U-shaped foam with sticky tape to trap the hearts onto the card.

5. Message in a bottle

tiny message in a bottle by hollyanna | notonthehighstreet.com Great for valentines day gift for him or her!

Image | Pinterest

The best presents come in small packages. Gift your partner a pretty glass bottle with a romantic message hanging from its cork that they can display in his living room or bedroom.

Pro-tip: You can poke the thread through the cork using a sewing needle.

6. Date arrows

cupid arrow tutorial

Image | Pinterest

Cupid’s arrow gotcha? Hang this romantic symbol of your relationship from your wall to show the world how lovestruck you two are. You can also hang a small strip of paper from the arrow’s shaft with a short message.

diy valentine cards arrow

7. Suminagashi card

paper marbling diy valentines cards

Images | Pinterest

Create beautiful swirls and gradients using suminagashi or paper marbling techniques.

paper marbling steps

Image | Pinterest

1. Fill a disposable tray with tap water until it reaches around 5cm in depth.

2. Add a few drops of marbling paint onto the surface of the water. Or you can use food coloring or acrylic paint mixed with cooking oil.

3. Shift the oil-paint droplets around to create the swirls or patterns you want.

4. Place a thick sheet of paper onto the surface of water. be careful not to let the water soak through the other side of the paper!

5. Quickly lift the sheet of paper off the surface of the water.

8. Magnetic poetry

Magnetic poetry

Image | instagram (@annesparow)

Make the surface of your fridge a Valentines card with some scissors, a printer and magnetic strips.

Simply glue magnetic strips to the back of cards with words from the chosen poem on them. Arrange them on your partner’s fridge and let him come across it in the morning. A cute surprise that you can keep adding on to by adding more words.

9. Valentines Fortune Teller

valentine joke teller

Image | Pinterest

Send your partner on a nostalgia trip back to their school days with this paper fortune teller.

Remember to substitute the playground insults and jokes with cute messages, of course. Unless you’re that kind of couple. Then you can leave the playground insults in.

10. Paper cutting card

paper cutting card

Image | Pinterest

Paper cuttings are a gorgeous way to frame a photo. Place a paper cutting over a photo of you and your S/O to make your card more visually interesting.

11. Cloth Flower Card

valentine card diy flower cloth

Image | Pinterest

Make a rose out of cloth by cutting out circles of cloth of different sizes. Layer them on top of each other to resemble a flower and secure it with a button.

12. Buttons on cards

Kissing Couple Button Card

Image | Pinterest

Who says buttons only belong on clothes? This simple craft is perfect to remind your partner that they are “cute as a button”.

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Written by

Abigail Ang