#FeedGoals: 11 Asian chefs you HAVE to follow on Instagram

#FeedGoals: 11 Asian chefs you HAVE to follow on Instagram

Need recipe and social media inspo? Check out these Asian chefs’ feeds!

Looking for inspiration for your next kitchen masterpiece? Follow these Asian chefs on Instagram for more culinary goals!

11 Asian chefs on Instagram you need to follow

1. Judy Joo

Korean-American chef Judy Joo is most known for hosting Food Network’s Korean Food Made Simple, as well as being one of the four Iron Chefs on the cooking show Iron Chef UK.

Her feed is full of mouth-watering Asian dishes, especially those from Jinjuu Restaurant in London, where she’s the Chef Patron. So if you're thinking of getting inspired to whip up some Korean dishes, do check her out on Instagram!


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2. Adam Liaw

Not all chefs know how to take a good food photo, but when it comes to Malaysian-Australian Adam Liaw, his Instagram pictures are all on point.

For this reason, scrolling through his feed will not only give you cooking inspiration, but also ideas on how to spice up your feed.

In between impeccably shot food images, Adam gives us glimpses into his life outside the kitchen, which includes an adorable family. What’s not to love?


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3. Dale Talde

Filipino-American Dale Talde got his big break after competing in Top Chef in 2008 and Top Chef: All-Stars in 2010.

After that, he became a sous chef at Philadelphia restaurant Buddakan, and later opened his own restaurant Talde in Brooklyn and Miami.

Even though his restaurants are known for contemporary twists on Asian flavours, his feed is a good mix of food, family, and what he does for fun.


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4.  Erica Paredes

Known for introducing Filipino “kamayan” style to Europeans, France-based chef Erica Paredes leads a glamorous life that makes for good Instagram content.

However, apart from food, she frequently posts snaps of her life in Paris.


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5. Janice Wong

Singaporean pastry chef Janice Wong’s sweet creations are works of art, and so beautiful that the thought of anyone eating them seems almost criminal.

Janice’s creativity shines in every dish she puts out. Therefore, her feed isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but they are intriguing as well — how the heck does she come up with these ideas?


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6. Reynold Poernomo

Indonesian-Australian chef Reynold Poernomo and his brothers Arnold and Ronald are the brothers behind Sydney’s Koi Dessert Bar and Monkey’s Corner.

Not only does Reynold balances his superbly shot food photos with travel photos, but he also includes images of him in action, as well as the occasional glimpse into his private life.


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7. Ping Coombes

You might not believe it but UK-based Ping Coombes didn’t even know how to boil an egg when she first moved to the UK by herself in the year 2000.

But after being forced to cook for herself while she was there , she discovered that she had quite the knack for it.

In 2014, she won MasterChef UK, and has released her own cookbook. On Instagram, she shares recipes and cooking tips in between photos of her adorable family.


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8. Bruce Ricketts

The creative genius behind Manila’s Sensei, Mecha Uma, Ooma, and La Chinesca, Bruce Ricketts is a fast-rising star in the Philippine culinary scene.

Notably, one of the more interesting feeds to follow, his posts are full of out-of-the-ordinary ingredients like chicken heads and fish eyes, as well as sublimely plated dishes.


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9. Christine Ha

Vietnamese-American chef Christine Ha is amazing. Though literally blind, she managed to win MasterChef’s third season.

And even with her disability, she manages to create a feed that is not only drool-worthy but inspirational as well.


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10. Farah Quinn

Indonesian chef and TV personality Farah Quinn knows her way around social media — as evidenced by her 1 million follower count.

Follow her Instagram to see her in action as she travels around the globe, shows off her golf prowess, and of course, makes us drool with her cooking skills.


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11. Joanne Chang

Taiwanese-American chef Joanne Chang is the owner of Flour Bakery, so it comes as no surprise that her feed is full of scrumptious bread and pastries.

In fact, many of the photos are so tightly shot that you can almost smell the bread.


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Social media can be stressful, but these Asian chefs help make it great!

All in all, which Asian chefs on Instagram interest you the most? Share your favourite Asian chefs on Instagram in the comments below!

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