11 of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Manila

11 of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Manila

So good, they'll have you saying kamsameda!

Of all the trends to have risen from South Korea, Korean BBQ has made its mark. There’s meaty variety cooked in delectable marinades. And you can cook it yourself! If you’re looking for the best Korean BBQ in Manila, here are 11 choices to whet your appetite!

11 best Korean BBQ in Manila restaurants

1. Lee Hak

best korean bbq in manila

Image source: Facebook @leehak88

A contender for the best Korean bbq in Manila when on a budget, Lee Hak delivers unlimited BBQ for as low as Php479! Eat samgyupsal (pork belly) to your heart’s content!

2. Namoo House

Part of the local franchise, Maple Tree House, Namoo House is straight from Seoul. It definitely has a claim as one of the best Korean BBQ in Manila to visit. After all, premium cuts of meat can be ordered. And they use charcoal grills for that extra smokiness!

3. Seoul Train Korean BBQ

The hugely popular Korean BBQ joint is unlike any other. Because of its locomotive-themed restaurant and their delicious BBQ meats on offer, a lot of people are happy to call this the best Korean BBQ in Manila.

4. Masil

best korean bbq in manila

Image source: Pixabay

Formerly known as Seoul Fusion, Masil Charcoal Grill is located inside Ortigas Home Depot. A lot of people claim Masil is legit for its authentic Korean BBQ. In particular, the Saeng Samgyupsal and the Galbi Jim have to be ordered to see how good they are.

5. Samgyupsalamat

This Korean BBQ franchise has spawned multiple branches all over Metro Manila. And it’s for good reason people flock here regularly. The unmistakable sizzling of their famous samgyeopsal will make you go back for more. Good thing it’s an unlimited BBQ buffet!

6. Seoul Garden 

Student-friendly Seoul Garden has a wide variety of choices. If you show your student ID, then you can get exclusive discounts!  Their hotpot options are also really good as well!

7. Sing Sing

Found on Aguirre Ave, Sing Sing Restaurant is tucked away for a unique and cosy dining experience. Away from the noise and business of normal city life, top Korean cuisine is served in expert style. Mouthwatering Korean BBQ with a more relaxing ambiance awaits!

8. K-Pub BBQ

11 of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Manila

They may not have been the first, but they’re definitely considered as the best Korean bbq in Manila! Everyone has heard of K-Pub BBQ. If you need to get your Korean fix, then this is your place. With live performances or K-pop flooding the restaurant to accompany your BBQ buffet, you’ll be speaking in fluent Korean in no time.

9. Hwangso-Ga

Who says Korean BBQ needs to be expensive? Hwangso-Ga offers an affordable and enjoyable Korean BBQ experience. The unli samgyeopsal and beef brisket are especially yummy! Lunch is a mere Php399 and dinner is Php499.

10. Kiwa Korean Grill 

Perhaps serving the best BBQ in Manila, Kiwa Korean Grill is for those looking for something more refined. Served by accomplished Korean chefs, famous Korean dishes are reimagined and cooked to perfection.

11. Sambo Kojin

best korean bbq in manila

Image source: Pixabay

This feels like we’re slightly cheating. Not only is Sambo Kojin one of the best Korean BBQ in Manila, but they also serve great Japanese and Filipino dishes as well! These BBQ joints are popular for hosting celebratory occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, reunion or just a get-together, you’ll have a good time here!

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Vinnie Wong