Life hack tools to change how you manage your home forever

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Once you discover these gadgets and tools, you'll wonder how you managed without them!

When you’re trying to declutter your home, you might be holding onto some items that seem necessary, yet take up a whole bunch of space. They might not spark joy, but you can’t seem to part with them. Keeping a lot of clutter has been shown to increase stress. Show yourself some love by trying these home life hacks and notice your happiness increase as the amount of clutter goes down!

11 home life hacks to save time and money

1. Adjustable measuring cup

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Image | EKitchen World

The KitchenArt 55210 Pro 2 Cup Adjust-A-Cup combines all the different measuring systems into one device. You save time AND space so there’s no need to Google what 1/2 a cup is! It’s available as cheap as S$60!

2. Waterproof notepad

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Image | Flickr

For a lot of us, showering is cathartic and can be the only time when we can reflect. If any genius shower thoughts pop into your mind, or you suddenly remember what you needed to do earlier in the day, write it down while you shower! A waterproof notebook can be suctioned onto the wall easily. For S$11, don’t let your stream of thought be washed down the drain ever again!

3. Magnetic bathroom strip

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Image | Dark Room And Dearly

The magnetic strip is a life hack that’s useful all over the house! It’s a great organisational tool in the kitchen. And installed in the bathroom, you can keep all your vanity kit in one place!

4. Handheld bag re-sealer

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Image | Elitelist

Never worry about stale crisps again! The most common home life hacks to keep bagged goods fresh is to use clips. Why not go one step further and get a handheld re-sealer for only S$6? Seal the deal and enjoy your crisps like they’re brand new!

5. Keep your hairbands together

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Image | Pinterest

There’s nothing more annoying than needing to tie your hair and not having a hairband close. One of the best home life hacks is a simple carabiner. This climbing tool clips all of them securely, and the lock mechanism acts like a Pez dispenser! A pack of 10 are as cheap as S$3 and come in different shapes and sizes!

6. Have a sliding pantry

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Image | Wilson & Bradley

If you have extra unused wall space in your kitchen, you can install a sliding pantry for extra storage space to keep condiments and commonly used ingredients all in the same handy location.

7. Shower with clog-free drains

One thing everyone hates doing is clearing clogged drains while showering. Until recently, there weren’t any home life hacks for this until the ShowerShroom came along. It captures every hair in the shower. And cleaning it is as easy as using a tissue! Pick one up for S$60

8. Use a portable drinks holder

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Image | Lazada

If you don’t have a coaster on hand, then consider buying a drinks clip for $30. It can clip securely to any flat desk surface and prevents you from staining or burning surfaces.

9. Extra sink storage

Did you know that the sponge is the dirtiest object in your entire house? You can prevent it from storing as much bacteria with a cheap S$6 storage solution.

10. Cleaning slippers

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Image | Aliexpress

If you felt like you didn’t have enough hands, then put on a pair of microfibre cleaning slippers for as cheap as S$6! You can cover more ground and get more done in the same amount of time.

11. Grocery bag grips

The next time your man stubbornly insists on bringing all the shopping bags in one trip, give him a One Trip Grip. It’ll prevent any injuries and won’t bruise his ego either!

Written by

Vinnie Wong