13 Amazing Korean BBQ restaurants to satisfy your meat cravings

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If you don't mind the smell of smoke, then eat to your heart's content!

Are you on the hunt for the best Korean BBQ in Singapore? Of all the food trends to take Singapore by storm, Gogi-gui has remained one of the most popular in recent years. Here are 13 restaurants you should discover to satisfy your k-ravings!

13 restaurants for the best Korean BBQ in Singapore 

1. Nanta Korean BBQ

You know a Korean BBQ joint is good if a lot of Koreans eat here! This eatery is popular for its Cheese Deng-galbi, which is a mozzarella cheese melted on a hot plate with spicy pork ribs. The heat level of spiciness can be altered according to your preference.

2. Ju Shin Jung

best Korean BBQ in Singapore

Image | Facebook screengrab (@jushinjungguillemard)

Fitted with Korean traditional floor seats, the ambiance here is part of why this is one of the best Korean BBQ in Singapore to eat at. Furthermore, the restaurant is super child-friendly! This is because of the slides and play area where your kids can run wild.

The unlimited BBQ buffet means you can get your bulgogi fix and more!

3. Chang Korean BBQ

If you love your meat to have streaky marbling that gives amazing flavour to tender beef, then you’re in for a treat. Chang Korean BBQ use only the best cuts of meat, which is why it’s one of the best Korean BBQ in Singapore. What’s more, the staff do all the cooking for you!

4. Bornga

best Korean BBQ in Singapore

Image | Facebook screengrab (@borngasg)

Opened in 2017 by Korean Celebrity Chef Jong Won Paik, there’s a lot on offer for you to try here. Although you might be impressed with the tiger prawns and top-quality meat, their signature Woo Samgyup dipping sauce is really special.

The restaurant is very spacious and also has good ventilation so you don’t leave smelling like BBQ. A lot of reasons why Bornga is one of best Korean BBQ in Singapore!

5. Hansik Korean Family Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Heartland Mall, we absolutely heart this restaurant. Don’t let the queues of people put you off, but instead let it be a testament to why it’s so popular!

The Boneless Beef Rib and Green Tea Pork Belly are one-of-a-kind.

6. Super star K

best Korean BBQ in Singapore

Image | Facebook screengrab (@singaporesuperstark)

You will feel like you’re in downtown Seoul here. You might not find high-quality cuts of meat, but the food is reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a quick fix to sate your longing for Korean BBQ, then Super Star K delivers in style.

7. Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ

Not many Korean BBQ restaurants use only charcoal to fuel their grills, but that’s what gives the meat extra flavour! And it’s self-service, which means you can cook your meat to the level of charness you want. We recommend placing a reservation in advance since this place is packed out most nights!

8. Singkoba Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

best Korean BBQ in Singapore

Image | Facebook screengrab (@singakoba)

Great for small groups, this restaurant comes replete with a wide selection of meats to BBQ. The decor is minimalist and it’s a relaxing place to hang out with friends!

9. Ssikkek BBQ

Do you fancy chicken golbi, pork belly, bacon, or fish? The selection of meats to choose from this BBQ buffet is mindblowing! And this is why Ssikek is one of the best Korean BBQ in Singapore. Eating time is limited to only two hours since demand is so high.

10. 8 Eight Korean BBQ

The Korean BBQ restaurant with an American-Korean concept takes the stress of what to order away. Their famous 8 Colours Set features Kurobuta pork marinated in 8 different and delicious flavours. So you just have to focus on having a good time!

11. Gaia Korean Grill + Bar

best Korean BBQ in Singapore

Image | Facebook screengrab (@gaigakorean)

Founded by renowned Chef Chun Nam Won, the genesis of Gaia came because of her pursuit of clean and healthy Korean food. After she was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, she couldn’t find many places that served healthy food. Heartwarming story equally matched with wholesome grub!

12. Kkongdon Korean BBQ

Hidden away in Djitsun Mall is one of the best Korean BBQ in Singapore. Whether you order from their a la carte menu or lunch sets, every piece of meat is marinated well and have great textures and flavours.

13. ChoWon Garden

If you’re looking for a quieter venue that serves some decent chow, then head over to this Korean BBQ. It’s especially revered for its gopchang (pork intestines) but their other specials are also delectable!

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Vinnie Wong