Food Ideas That Only Uses 3 Ingredients

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Try these 3 ingredient recipes that are quick, easy and delicious!

Not all recipes need to be long and complicated for it to taste delicious. You'd be surprised by how even simple ingredients can tickle your palette. Here are nine 3 ingredient recipes which you might have overlooked and never thought to try.

3 ingredient recipes that are actually super delicious

1. Peanut butter cups

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All you need to do is to pour melted chocolate into a silicone cup and let that set. Next, add a small dollop of peanut butter in the middle before covering everything with more melted chocolate.

2. Fruity Sorbet

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This can be done with just about any fruit you wish. All you need are frozen fruits cut into cubes, some lemon juice and some sugar. Then blitz everything in a food processor until smooth.

3. Chocolate yoghurt drink

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The next 3 ingredients recipe is a delicious chocolate yoghurt drink. All you need is non-fat yoghurt or greek yoghurt, agave and cocoa powder.

4. Baked tortilla chips and avo dip

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Cut the tortilla bread into triangles and bake them until crispy. Don't forget to season them with salt. Then just mash the avocado and serve immediately.

5. Breakfast cheese toast

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Need a quick breakfast? Then try making this grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Effortless and takes as much time as your fresh cup of coffee!

6. Mini meatball or patties

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Just mix your meat of choice with finely chopped spring onion and some salt! Pack them tight because you won't be using any fillers. You can also pat them into mini patties if you want them to cook much faster. Not only do the spring onions add flavour, but they also help to keep the meatball moist and juicy.

7. Nutella stuffed wontons

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Spoon in some Nutella into some wontons and chuck them in the airfryer. When they are done, just sprinkle on some powdered sugar. This is a super quick no-fuss dessert for when you have friends over!

8. Creamy broccoli soup

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You don't really need a chicken stock to make a really delicious and creamy broccoli soup. You'd be surprised what salt, blanched broccoli and double cream and achieve.

9. Mini bacon, cheese and egg muffin

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/31/2018/11/3 ingredient recipes quiche.jpg Food Ideas That Only Uses 3 Ingredients

These mini cheese, bacon and egg muffins only require those 3 ingredients literally. The best part is that you can make them in bulk in nonstick muffin tins and they also freeze really well. All you need to do is shred some salty aged cheese, chop some cooked bacon and stir everything into some whipped eggs. Best way to have breakfast on the go!