5 Salted Egg Recipes That Will Leave You Craving For More

5 Salted Egg Recipes That Will Leave You Craving For More

Calling all salted egg lovers!

Ever since the introduction of salted egg fish skins that began over a year ago, salted egg anything has become all the rage everywhere. But despite the ongoing craze, salted egg recipes isn't actually a new thing. Chinese restaurants have been using salted eggs for ages!

Whether steamed with minced pork or made into a sauce when someone orders salted egg crabs, you can be sure everyone will be in for a treat. But you don't always have to order at restaurants to enjoy salted egg dishes! With a little bit of knowledge and simple steps from Sharefood, you'll be making your favourite salted egg dish at home after this.

5 Simple Salted Egg Recipes to try at home

1. Salted Egg Fried Mixed Rice

Salted egg recipes don't need to be difficult at all. Just think how easy it is to throw everything into a fried rice dish! Just add chopped veggies, meat, seafood, mashed salted egg and voila! You have a complete meal all on one dish!

2. Salted Egg Yolk Jumbo Shrimp Wonton

You can even add mashed salted eggs to store-bought ready-made food. Just cook the ready-made food according to the instructions on the packet. And when they are done, just toss them in this salted egg sauce!

3. Salted Egg Yolk Cookies

We love how versatile salted egg recipes are because they don't ALWAYS have to be just food. As long as you enjoy the taste of salted egg, they can be pretty much incorporated into desserts as well, like this salted egg cookie recipe.

4. Salted Egg Yolk, Shrimps and Spaghetti

How about marrying Asian tastes with an Italian favourite? Try jazzing up a basic Aglio Olio with some salted egg yolk and transform it into a fusion dish! Top with fresh pan-fried prawns and finish off with some chilli flakes and curry leaves. Serve this at home and your guests will remember you for life.

5. Healthy French Beans with Salted Egg Yolk

But like we said earlier, salted egg recipes don't need to be complicated to be enjoyed by many. Sometimes it can just be satisfying just to have simple comfort food like this salted egg stir-fried french beans. Just add slices of birds eye chillies to give it that extra kick and enjoy it with some steamy hot rice.

This article is done in partnership with Sharefood Singapore. We love how easy these salted egg recipes are. For more recipes like these, you can check out Sharefood on Facebook. Now you can make your own salted egg dish in the comfort of your own at home. Go on and lick the plate clean, we won't tell on ya!

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Rosanna Chio