7 green natural detox foods for a healthier mind and body

7 green natural detox foods for a healthier mind and body

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A lot of people choose to detox at the beginning of the new year. You might choose to follow a program or trying things on the fly. We suggest trying plant-based foods that help clear toxins and are easily available.  Here are 9 plant-based natural detox foods everyone should try.

7 natural detox foods

1. Lemon water 

Many know this as a miracle drink. Normally, people start their day off with a cup of hot lemon water. Not only do you get a boost of vitamins and nutrients, but the alkaline nature also helps to level out the pH level! Lemon water is a must on everyone’s natural detox list.

2. Carrots

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Why not try a quinoa salad with carrots? | Image source: Pexels

While you might not see better in the dark, carrots are an effective natural detox food. Moreover, they’re such a versatile food! You can make carrot fries, carrot cake or throw a few chunks into some ABC soup!

3. Probiotics

These little pots of health are full of good bacteria that boosts our digestive system. By doing so, we flush out the undigested food from Christmas and toxins in general. Probiotics are a good natural detox supplement you can add into your diet.

4. Ginger

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Image source: Pixabay

This plant is a staple ingredient in Asian cooking. And it’s fantastic at treating nausea, indigestion and flushing toxins out in general! Simply grate some ginger into a cup of hot water and reap the benefits!

5. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are a great source of fibre and omega-3 oil! The fibre helps push out waste and toxins because it cannot be digested. And no cooking time is needed to get the most out this natural detox super ingredient. You can sprinkle some onto your granola or in your smoothies.

6. Cucumber

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Image source: Pexels

We could all drink more water. That’s why cucumbers are a great way to stay hydrated and detox at the same time! They are 95 per cent water. And you can use them anywhere! Throw a few slices in a salad, or slip some in your sandwich.

7. Coconut water

A lot of people are trying coconut water. As a natural detox ingredient, it helps to replace electrolytes we lose from exercise. And it’s packed full of nutrients as well! Feel free to add some to your smoothie or simply drink it on its own!

Written by

Vinnie Wong