8 uses for tea bags that you didn't know about

8 uses for tea bags that you didn't know about8 uses for tea bags that you didn't know about

Don't throw your tea bags out!

Do you always absent-mindedly throw out your tea bags after making yourself a cup of tea? Make sure you catch yourself the next time because there are still a lot of uses for those tea bags before you finally chuck them out for good.

8 things you can do with your tea bags

1. Use it to infuse grains

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People would go to restaurants and order tea infused rice in speciality tea shops. But did you know you can do just the same in the comfort of your own home - same flavours and save yourself some money? Just reuse a leftover tea bag or two in the boiling pot of water and let it do its thing. Then use that water to cook your rice, quinoa or even barley. The result is a subtle tea infusion that really gives the rice an added boost the flavour without the use of salt or seasoning.

2. DIY face scrub

If you ever run out of facial scrub, just open up a tea bag and exfoliate away. Tea is known to be really good for the skin when it comes to shrinking large pores and helping you achieve that coveted healthy glow. Just mix the tea leaves with some honey in a small bowl before gently rubbing the mixture onto your face with circular motions. Leave it on your face for about 5 minutes before rinsing everything off with warm water.

3. Odour neutraliser

Does your garbage bin stink? Before everyone thinks you're such a lazy bum, throw a couple of dried tea bags into the bottom of your bin. The tea bags will neutralise all the nasty smell so that your garbage can doesn't stink up the whole kitchen.

4. DIY air freshener sachets

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There is really no need to spend money on expensive air fresheners. You can easily make your own air freshener sachets with used tea bags. Just leave them to dry out then add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the satchet. Then just hang them anywhere in the house that needs a little freshening up.

5. Calm swollen gums

Do you have swollen gums? Press a cooled wet black tea bag against your swollen gums and tooth and hold it there for about 5 minutes. They work great when it comes to bleeding gums, shrinking swollen blood vessels while killing bacteria all at once. But see a doctor immediately if you are bleeding a lot!

6. Combat puffy eyes

Not getting enough sleep, allergy season and taking too much salt can cause you to have puffy eyes. To bring down the swelling, pop two tea bags in warm water and then let them cool down in the fridge for a few minutes to cool. Place one bag on each eye for about 5 minutes, and the puffiness should subside.

7. Keep plant fungus at bay

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Steep some chamomile tea and then pour it into a spray bottle. Spritz onto seeds and the soil so that your plants do not get infected by fungus. Young plants are always susceptible to fungi and if left untreated would completely destroy your plant.

8. Natural rodent repellent

Believe it or not, mice hate the smell of peppermint! So don't throw away your peppermint tea bags, because they would make excellent natural repellent for rodents. Round up a few peppermint tea bags and steep in hot water. Then add a drop or two of liquid detergent and mix well. Pouring this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it in the corners of your home to keep off those pesky pests.

Did we help you see tea bags in a new light? So think twice the next time you want to chuck out a box of leftover tea bags!

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Written by

Rosanna Chio