Vietnam culinary tour honours Anthony Bourdain's legacy

Vietnam culinary tour honours Anthony Bourdain's legacy

The one-of-a-kind tour pays tribute to the late culinary icon, one sumptuous meal at a time.

If you have ever dreamed of retracing renowned chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps, now’s your chance.

A new Anthony Bourdain Vietnam food tour will be honouring the late culinary icon through a gastronomic journey across nine cities in Vietnam, a country that no doubt won Bourdain’s heart.

Anthony Bourdain Vietnam Food Tour: A 14-day culinary adventure

Dubbed “A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain: Taste of Vietnam,” the 14-day, 13-night tour will allow travellers to savour all the sumptuous dishes Anthony Bourdain enjoyed when he was travelling through the country.

Anthony Bourdain’s authenticity and genuine respect for different cultures has inspired generations of food lovers and this tour honours this legacy.

This one-of-a-kind tour was conceptualised by Ms. Diep Nguyen (a self-confessed Bourdain fan who assisted in the filming of Parts Unknown’s 2016 Vietnam episode).

Those who plan on signing up can expect to savour some Clay Pot Rice at Com Nieu Sai Gon in Ho Chi Minh. And, of course, some beer and Bún chả at Bún chả Hương Liên in Hanoi, the site of Bourdain’s famed visit with former U.S. president Barack Obama.

Aside from delicious eats, the tour will also immerse travellers in other memorable, sensory experiences. This includes an acrobatic “A O” show at the Opera House and a tour of Bến Tre, a vibrant province situated along the Mekong Delta.

The tour can also be customised to your taste.

Seriously, sign us up.

To learn more about the Anthony Bourdain Vietnam food tour, visit this page.

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Bianchi Mendoza