7 Asian aphrodisiacs to spice up your relationship

7 Asian aphrodisiacs to spice up your relationship7 Asian aphrodisiacs to spice up your relationship

Each of these powerful, exotic aphrodisiacs can help take your lovemaking to exquisite new heights!

Divine food and hot sex are two delightful human experiences we love to savour. But what if we told you they needn’t be mutually exclusive? Is it possible to exquisitely marry the two so that ALL your senses are set on fire? Just imagine an evening of divine tastes on your tongue at the table, giving you the most intense culinary orgasm. And then, with your taste buds still singing with delight, you head into a night of sexual pleasure, culminating in multiple orgasms. Welcome to the world of Asian aphrodisiacs!

7 powerful Asian aphrodisiacs for delicious sex

An aphrodisiac is a food (or drug) that “arouses sexual instinct, brings on desire or increases sexual pleasure or performance”, according to Healthline. The word come to us from Greek mythology, appropriately coined from the name of the Greek goddess of sexual desire and love: Aphrodite.

Certain foods, like oysters and chocolate, are renowned for their libido-enhancing powers. But these mostly have Western roots. Closer to home, however, there exists a literal treasure trove of powerful, exotic Asian aphrodisiacs that are just begging you to try them out.

Whet your sexual appetite with our ultimate lust-list of Asian aphrodisiacs…

1. Saffron

Native to Southwest Asia, saffron is an exquisite spice that comes from the Crocus sativus flower. It is also one of the most expensive spices (by weight) in the world. Besides the sweet, sexy flavour and golden colour it adds to food, the seductively coloured red-gold threads of saffron are also considered to be a powerful Asian aphrodisiac.

A study noted enhanced erectile function in a group of men given 30mg of saffron daily, for four week. This was in comparison to another group of men given a placebo.

Women too can enjoy the benefits of this glorious Asian aphrodisiac. Women in a study who consumed saffron reported getting wetter than usual and better, higher levels of sexual arousal than those in the placebo group.  

It is thought that the compounds of crocin, crocetin and and safrenal found in saffron are powerful libido-boosters.

Eat something sexy: Asian Soupe de Poisson with saffron-garlic foam

2. Red Ginseng (紅蔘/홍삼)

Did you know that the word “ginseng” means “man root”? Beyond the sexual innuendo of this term, it actually does resemble a man, with the main root looking like a body, and the off-shooting stalks, arms and legs!

Red ginseng (紅蔘 in Chinese,  홍삼 in Korean), is a Korean herb used for a wide range of ailments. It is the oldest form of ginseng and is not harvested for at least six years. This herb is also an Asian aphrodisiac popularly used to remedy low libido and erectile dysfunction. It is believed to help increase nitric acid levels in the body, which in turn relax the muscles of the penis, promoting blood flow.

While it’s often available in pill form, the earthy flavour and red-gold hue of red ginseng lend themselves beautifully to a fresh herbal tea. Some afternoon delight, anyone?

Drink something sexy: Ginseng Tea (Insam Cha)

3. Fenugreek

These tiny, golden-yellow seeds are used often in Indian and other South Asian cuisines. Breastfeeding mothers swear by their milk-boosting properties, while others laud fenugreek’s antibacterial powers. However, these mighty little seeds have another strength: they can turn you into a horny beast!

That’s right — fenugreek is a powerful Asian aphrodisiac that can literally spice up your sex life.

For women, fenugreek is thought to increase their sex drive, triggering the release of estrogen and other hormones for enhanced sexual pleasure. These hormones work to turn a woman on, making her wet and ready for some lovemaking.  Scientists also believe this spice can help ease PMS and menopause symptoms, like mood fluctuations and hot flashes.

This sex-spice also works for men, boosting testosterone production with a compound it contains, called saponin.  

So, if you want to set the night on fire, why not whip up a carnal curry with these tiny potent seeds?

Eat something sexy: Sri Lankan fenugreek vegetable curry

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4. Ginkgo Biloba

Derived from the Ginkgo biloba tree (also known as the maidenhair tree), this Asian aphrodisiac is popularly used in Chinese medicine to assist those struggling with poor sexual function.

In particular, it is thought to increase the blood flow to sexual organs, helping men get stronger, harder erections. But if you’re on Aspirin or Nurofen (NSAIDs), the expert advise is to avoid ginkgo.

People describe the smell of ginkgo flowers as not very pleasant, with the smell of the fruit being compared to “rancid butter”! However, if you can get past the smell (because you’d do anything for love… and sex), it’s supposed to taste like bitter melon.

Dried Ginkgo leaves can be brewed in a tea. The nuts can be used in some divine dishes, an example of which we present below.

Eat something sexy: Beancurd skin sweet soup with ginkgo nuts and Job’s tears

5. Tongkat Ali

Native to the steamy rainforests of Malaysia, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia, Tongkat Ali is a slender tree with a sexually potent root. The name means “Ali’s walking stick” and this modest root is considered to be one of the most powerful Asian aphrodisiacs around. It is also known as “Malaysian ginseng” and the flower is suggestively called “longjack”.

In particular, Tongkat Ali is used to treat the loss of sexual desire and impotence. This aphrodisiac’s sexy secret is that it boosts and builds testosterone in both men and women, and this can significantly improve sex drive. We know testosterone to be a “male hormone”. But it’s present in women too, and stimulating those sexy zones and making her hot and ready for her man.

Bonus? It has anti-ageing properties, too!

Eat something sexy: Tongkat Ali herbal spring chicken stew

6. Durian

That’s right – the king of fruit can make you the king of sex. Keeping with the Indonesian saying “when the durian falls down, the sarong goes up”, this ultra-fragrant fruit is considered to be a powerful Asian aphrodisiac.

Its sex-enhancing powers are mostly enjoyed by men, who apparently boast of a boosted libido and the ability to have sex for longer, just by eating the luscious flesh of this fruit.

It’s not exactly clear what compounds in durian enhance libido (the Malaysian government has commissioned a study to look into this). But it could be connected to just how sexy eating this fruit is. Its golden hue, silky-sexy texture, fragrance and exquisite taste combine to magically get couples in the mood for sex.

If you’re a durian lover (yes, there are haters, too), then, you know what you need to do.

Eat something sexy: Durian puree cheesecake

7. Balut

This Filipino delicacy might be rather terrifying to see (and eat) for the uninitiated. It is basically a fertilised duck egg that contains an almost fully developed embryo of the itik duck, inside. It is boiled and eaten in the shell.

Filipinos believe this particular Asian aphrodisiac increases stamina and and sex drive in men. How does it get its natural Viagra properties? Studies are yet to confirm. But it is thought that the high protein content of balut can stir that proverbial fire in the groins.

Eat something sexy: Sizzling Balut

Do you want to spice things up with your S.O.? Spend quality time together and make it sexier with these Asian aphrodisiacs!

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