15 design ideas to steal from Asian celebs

15 design ideas to steal from Asian celebs15 design ideas to steal from Asian celebs

We might be far from being famous, but we can always gather inspiration from local celebrity homes.

Ever dreamt about how it is like living in Asian celebrity homes? While we yearn to live like the rich and famous, there are ways to do this.

Here are some tips and design ideas you can copy from real Asian celebrity homes that we gathered from HDTV Asia’s interview with some of the top Asian stars in our region.

15 design inspirations from Asian celebrity homes

1. Set up an aquarium

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For renowned Malaysian actor and comedian Harith Iskandar, it is about having a centrepiece at home to provide him with the zen feeling. The funnyman has a saltwater aquarium in his living room and mentioned that he had always wanted to have a fish tank at home.

However, if following Asian celebrity homes proves to be too much trouble, you can always opt for planted tanks or aqua-scaping instead. When done well, both are gorgeous additions to your home.

2. A cosy corner

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Another must have that was featured in Harith’s home was a cosy corner in the bedroom itself so that he and his wife can have a place to chill and talk. Otherwise, it is also an alternative to the bed and a great place just to kick back, relax and do some reading.

3. Use glass to make your bathroom look big

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For Burmese Australian television host and model, Marc Nelson has a bachelor pad that screams bold and masculine throughout his home. A firm believer in upscaling and recycling existing things, mixing modern and practical designs, his favourite thing in his bathroom is his hot tub. We can totally imagine having a relaxing bath after a long day. Having a lot of glass in your bathroom gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom as well.

4. Outdoor daybed

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If you are lucky enough to share the same luxury as some Asian celebrity homes that boast bedrooms with huge balconies, why not add an outdoor daybed there? It is the first place Marc goes after waking up; to relax, do a bit of thinking and meditation or simply just chillin’.

5. Quirky theme

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But not all Asian celebrity homes screams luxury. For top fashion blogger Laureen Uy, her fashion sense is indicative of how she decorates her home. So, it doesn’t always have to be muted and minimalist. Explore quirky themes and play around with colours and prints – mix and match – you might be surprised with the end result.

6. An office home with a view

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Despite her amazing walk-in closet, we have to say her home office was the show stopper. With floor to ceiling windows which lets in a lot of natural lighting, coupled with pastel pink furniture, the view of the metropolitan city line is jaw-dropping. Again, do not hesitate to play with themes and colours. If you’re working from home a lot,take cues from Laureen. Sure, an office home should be practical, but it should also resonate with you.

7. Maximize natural lighting

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Fashion show director Daniel Boey loves natural lighting. Which is why his home is designed with plenty of slopes and his sitting room is on the first floor of his home.

8. Mix modern and vintage

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If you have a vintage piece, don’t be afraid to mix it in with your other modern-day decor. Just make it the focal piece in the room. Daniel’s tip is to mix classic pieces along with modern pieces so that the place does not look like a relic from the past.

9. Bar at home

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If you are always having guests over, why not copy what celebrity home designer Andrea Savage and set up a bar? There are ways to give it a modern twist instead of having it end up like an old man’s den (not that there’s anything wrong with having it that way too if that’s what you like).

10. Mirror, mirror on the wall

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Another very distinctive feature in Andrea’s home is the usage of mirrors. There were mirrors everywhere to give the illusion of more space. Try this tip if you have a smaller home!

11. A round bed

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So far most Asian celebrity homes have seem to house square beds. But for comfort model, TV host and actress Amber Chia opted for a round one. When asked what made her choose a round bed, she simply answered that a round bed just seem so much more comfy.

12. High ceilings

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Nothing screams luxury more than super high ceilings. It really opens up your home and gives you a sense of space and comfort. Of course, if you also want to copy Amber Chia’s amazing confidence you can also put a floor to ceiling picture of yourself.

13. Display collection

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In almost all Asian celebrity homes, there is always a display of collection, almost like a shrine of sorts. It could be trinkets collected from all over the world, collectables, family photos — anything. They make a great addition to your home and makes for a good conversation starter.

14. Play with colours

15 design ideas to steal from Asian celebs

Other inspirations from Asian celebrity homes is the use of plants to add a pop of colour. So even if your home is predominantly pastel or using muted colours, plants can add a lively freshness to your room.

15. Functional designs

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Whether modern or traditional, stick to functional designs. For example, having a kitchen that you would actually want to cook in. Or even thinking out storage areas to keep clutter away. A clean and functional home will definitely make you feel so much more at ease and comfortable.

We hope you can draw inspiration from these Asian celebrity homes. Which tips you did you like so much that you want to make it yours? Let us know in the comments!

source: HGTV Asia

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