16 easy Asian microwave recipes you can cook

16 easy Asian microwave recipes you can cook16 easy Asian microwave recipes you can cook

Easy-peasy microwave recipes for you to try now!

Easy, convenient, and yummy. Those will be the key factors that we are looking for our modern daily meals. Why not take advantage of your kitchen wares and try these no-fuss Asian microwave recipes in your own home?

16 Asian Microwave Recipes for you to try now!

16 easy Asian microwave recipes you can cook

1. Microwave sweet potato chips

Toss in thinly sliced sweet potato chips into butter, salt, pepper to taste and voila! Enjoy a simple yet classy snack of chips and don't forget to try out healthy dips too!

Note: They'll continue to crisp as they cool down.

2. Meat Loaf in a Mug

Away from home? Have a nicely done home-cooked meal of your own by combining milk, ketchup, oats, and ground beef. Pat into a mug and microwave on High within 3 minutes or until meat is no longer pink. Serve with additional ketchup, some mashed potato or rice and you will be home with each of those bites! Definitely one of the many Asian microwave recipes that's a keeper!

3. French Toast Mug Cake

Enjoy your lazy Sunday mornings with these quick and easy French toast dish! Simply cover the sides of a microwave-safe mug with bits of toast and slowly fill the middle as well. In a separate cup, whisk egg, milk, cinnamon, and sugar. Pour this mixture over the mug filled with toast and cook for about a minute or until custard is cooked. Add syrup on top for best results!

4. Tomato Omelet

asian microwave recipes

Start your day right with a pan-free morning and this Asian microwave recipe. First, grab your bowl, mix in eggs, shredded cheese, sliced tomatoes, salt, and pepper and cook it in the oven for a minute. Enjoy this with freshly baked bread or even some white rice.

5. Nacho Casserole

A quick and easy snack for you to try! Layer your corn chips, salsa, seasoned meat, and vegetables in a microwave-proof bowl. Cover this with loads of cheese! Cook in the oven for about 4 minutes or until cheese is melted. Just make sure to let it cool for a couple of minutes before eating, definitely hot!

6. Microwaved Bacon and Green Beans

Cook your greens differently in less than 10 minutes! Place bacon strips between paper towels and microwave on high for a minute. Let it cool and chop. Drizzle the green beans with Olive oil, salt, and pepper. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and microwave on High within 5 minutes or more. Remove the wrap and sprinkle with crunchy bits of bacon on top!

7. Crispy Bacon

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Get unbelievably crispy bacon for your breakfast by cooking strips of it on top of an overturned bowl. This way, excess fat will drip on the sides.

8. Microwave Potatoes

Microwaved potatoes are fast, easy, smart way of cooking your well-loved side dish. Whether topped with a simple melted butter, shreds of cheese, or a scoop of hearty gravy, these Microwave Potatoes are a favorite no-brainer meal when you are in a hurry!

9. 60-Second Brownie for One

Craving for something sweet? Quickly add the brownie mix that you have in your pantry with water and mix it with a fork. Get your fave mug and brush it with butter on the sides or you can use your non-stick spray if available. Microwave for a minute, let it cool and top it with choco bits or crushed nuts if desired! You will be sad when it's over.

10. Banana Bread Mug Cake

This mug cake recipe requires almond butter, a ripe banana, and oat flour to trick your kids into eating something healthy in just a few minutes!

11. No fuss Chinese Mantou

asian microwave recipes

A no-knead Chinese steam bun made in less than 5 minutes. Are you kidding me? Shockingly, you can do so with the help of your microwave!

Mix in a quarter cup of all-purpose flour, quarter tsp. of baking powder, 1 tbsp. of condensed milk and 3 tbsp. of fat-free milk in a bowl. The batter will be thick. Microwave the buns for about a minute. Wait until the top of the bun looks dry and when you are able to remove it in one piece. Try it to believe it!

12. Frothed Milk

No need to spend 3 more dollars for your cappuccino when you can actually have a DIY version of it at home! Grab a jar, some milk, and your microwave. Shake up milk, heat for a few seconds, and pour it into your cup of coffee! Sprinkle cinnamon on top if you like!

13. Ham and Cheese Tortilla

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Place fresh tortilla on a round plate, lightly scatter cheddar cheese on one half of it, and finish it up with a ham on top. Quickly microwave until cheese is melted. You may add pickles or mustard on the other half. Fold over and eat!

14. Microwave rice

No rice cooker? No problem! Your microwave will save the day!

Choose a large enough container to hold rice as it expands while cooking. Cook on high while uncovered for 10 minutes. Switch to medium-low while still uncovered for another 15 minutes and your perfectly cooked rice is done! Remember not to stir the rice while cooking.

15. Potato Soup in a Mug

asian microwave recipes

Enjoy a DIY soup with this easy potato soup recipe! It is made completely in the microwave and has bits of bacon, cheese, and sour cream sprinkled on top. Just make sure you use a large mug since the water in the soup will bubble up as it cooks.

16. Microwave Cheesecake

Cream cheese, sour cream, lemon juice, egg, and a sweetener all come together to make this astonishingly simple, delicious, and low-carb dessert. Top with plenty of fresh berries, and there might be no need for extra sweetener at all! Cheesecake has never been this easy!

Listed above are just some of the Asian microwave recipes that you can try at home. These Asian microwave recipes are quick, easy, and delicious! Most importantly, they can be done in a jiffy. Now, give your microwave some love and whip up one of the amazing dishes above!

Which of these Asian microwave recipes is your favourite?

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