Arrange Flowers Like A Pro: A Guide For Beginners

Arrange Flowers Like A Pro: A Guide For BeginnersArrange Flowers Like A Pro: A Guide For Beginners

Flower arranging is easier than you think - you'll be gathering and compiling eye-catching bouquets in no time

You’re probably wondering “why would I make my own bouquets? I can pay someone to do that!” And you’re likely right – many of us are used to buying premade bouquets from florists. However, the service always comes with a sizable price tag. Although the thought of making your own bouquet can be daunting (where do you even start, what should you buy?), hang back a bit. Because with a few basic flower arranging rules to follow, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. After the first attempt, you’ll have all the tools and know-how. And before you know it, you’ll be arranging your friends’ flowers for their birthdays and weddings!

7 basic flower arranging rules to remember

1. Buy from local growers or markets

Heading to the supermarket to buy flowers might be intuitive. But because these are bought in bulk, the flowers may be weeks old.

Instead, head over to your local growers or to the markets. You’ll also get a wider variety of flowers to choose from as well.

2. Choose your flowers wisely

basic flower arranging rules

Image | Pexels

Expensive bouquets are ones with many different types of flowers that come in all sorts of colours.

Knock down the price when making your own and by the same type of flower with different shades. You can create the same look through this simple tip and save money on your tools you’ll need to clean up.

3. Clean up the flowers

Once you have your beautiful flowers, do a bit of tidying up so they’re easier to maintain. Clean the stem from leaves or branches that might touch the water – this keeps the water clean.

4. Cut the stems

basic flower arranging rules

Image | Shutterstock

This depends on how long your flowers are and on your vase size. You don’t want your flowers poking out too far from the top, but not too low so it’s all muddled and crowded around the vase hole.

5. Crush the ends

A little known tip before you let the flowers settle is to smash the ends of your flowers’ stems. Many might not consider this one of the basic flower arranging rules to remember. But doing so helps the bouquet absorb water better.

6. Insert flowers

basic flower arranging rules

Image | Unsplash

When arranging your flowers, capture their best angles.

No seriously, work those angles! Your flowers will be at different lengths and need space so they’re not fighting for attention.

But your flowers will need some help staying in place. If your vase has a low and wide opening, then use a flower frog or foam to hold the flowers in place. And if they’re tall and wide, then use a tape grid. Rubber bands or wires can hold flowers for tall vases with narrower openings.

7. Maintain the flowers

basic flower arranging rules

Image | Pixabay

The last of the basic flower arranging rules to remember is to keep checking on your beautifully arranged bouquet. Change the water every couple of days to keep it fresh and clear of debris. And avoid direct sunlight so they don’t dry out.

And with these simple tips, you’re set to make your own bouquet of flowers!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong