Tips for choosing the perfect clothes iron to suit your needs

Tips for choosing the perfect clothes iron to suit your needs

Thinking of upgrading to a new clothes iron? Take note of these important tips to help make ironing feel less like a chore

Ironing clothes is a task we do pretty much every day. It might seem menial, but it actually helps set the tone for our day. Something as simple as stepping out of the house wearing a well-ironed outfit can boost our confidence. Because of this, it's important to choose the best clothes iron to suit your needs, whether you're looking for something that's easy to use or one that works with any fabric, there's a clothes iron out there for you.

To choose the best clothes iron for your everyday needs, always remember these four simple tips.

Want to know the best clothes iron for you? Don't forget these 4 tips

1. Don't worry about splurging a bit to get the best clothes iron for your needs

Though steam irons are a bit on the pricey side, it will help you save time and effort by allowing you to iron clothes easily with greater speed.

Because of the "constant high flow of pressurized steam" your ironing time will greatly be reduced, even when it comes to thicker fabrics.

2. Choose irons that can work with even difficult fabrics

Though traditional dry irons have worked well for most of us in removing creases, steam irons can work even better. How? Your run-of-the mill iron works by converting electrical energy into the thermal kind, but the constant high flow of pressurized steam irons coupled helps remove creases more efficiently.

"It helps to reduce ironing time by penetrating more layers of the garment and relaxing fabric fibres instantly, so you can tackle even the thickest fabrics with ease," explains Aw Ee Ling, Senior Marketing Manager, Personal Health of Philips Singapore.

3. Make sure the settings suit your type of garments

Each type of fabric, be it cotton, wool, or silk has different needs. You can't use the same amount of heat for everything, else you risk burning or damaging them. The best clothes iron is the one that cares for your clothes while making daily life so much easier.

You can choose a dry iron with adjustable settings or you can choose a steam iron designed to work with any fabric perfectly.

4. Choose one that won't make ironing feel like a chore

When shopping for the best clothes iron, make sure to choose one that is compact and comfortable to use to reduce wrist strain.

"Look out for irons that are lightweight and versatile enough that can perform vertical steaming as well!" says Aw Ee Ling.

PerfectCare Expert Plus pressurized steam generator iron is the latest innovation of Philips Singapore. It promises a more efficient and easier ironing experience with a no-burn guarantee, thanks to its OptimalTEMP technology, an innovation proudly developed in Singapore.

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