Head to THESE 7 places for the best halo-halo in Manila

Head to THESE 7 places for the best halo-halo in ManilaHead to THESE 7 places for the best halo-halo in Manila

After you visit these places, you can end the search for good halo-halo once and for all!

Sweet treats to eat to stay cool in the scorching heat includes pearl milk tea, ice mango desserts, and even Yakult ice cream! But a tried and tested dessert that’ll keep the temperature down is halo-halo. For the uninitiated, it means “mixed” in Filipino. It might remind people not from the Philippines of Korean bingsu or Malaysian ais kacang. Halo-halo is a mix of shaved ice, evaporated milk, and a host of various ingredients like sago, yam, egg custard, fruit slices, and white beans among others. However, not all halo-halo are made equal. Save time and calories by visiting these dessert places for the best halo-halo in Manila.

7 of the best halo-halo in Manila

1. Aling Consuelo

Perhaps the oldest halo-halo establishment of this list gives a good reason why it should be considered as the best halo-halo in Manila. Their mix normally contains ube (purple yam), leche flan (egg custard), and shredded coconut.

2. Kabigting

best halo-halo in manila

Image | Instagram screengrab (@balisongbrown)

Starting as a small convenience store in Arayat, Pampanga, Kabigting’s famous halo-halo is simple but so satisfying! It contains sugar white kidney beans for different textures and flavours. It’s refreshing and devilishly sweet!

3. Razon’s of Guagua

best halo-halo in manila

Image | Facebook screengrab (@razonsguagua)

Many halo-halo enthusiasts claim this is where you can find the best halo-halo in Manila! The bold claims stem from the fact that its deceptively simple concoction proves you don’t need a lot to get the best hal0-halo. Razon’s top their shaved ice with sun-ripened Saba bananas, coconut shavings and leche flan with some lime. The fact there are over 20 branches in Manila gives you an idea of how popular their halo-halo is!

4. Milky Way

You have a stake in the claim of being the best halo-halo in Manila when you’re the locals’ favourite. People have been coming back to Milky Way because of the fresh ingredients and consistency of preparation to make smooth halo-halo.

5. Kuya J

best halo-halo in manila

Image | Instagram screengrab (@kujajresto)

Normal is boring! Kuya J’s halo-halo is popular for the different types of toppings, such as corn flakes. You’ll also find the usual suspects (purple yam ice cream and leche flan among others). But it’s the fine quality of ice shaved to perfection that leaves people wanting more.

6. Chowking

best halo-halo in manila

Image | Instagram screengrab (@chowkingph)

Some people consider the best halo-halo in Manila to also be the most convenient.  The halo-halo has a whole host of toppings and ingredients to complement the purple yam-flavoured ice cream. You’ll be satisfied once you’re done with the mountainous servings…until the next time!

7. Icebergs

best halo-halo in manila

Image | Instagram screengrab (@mannequintravels_)

Out of all of Icebergs’ dessert and sweet treats, their Super Halo-Halo has stood the test of time. The blend of cornflakes, corn and purple yam are a dessert melody that hits all the right notes!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong