6 best public markets in the Philippines

6 best public markets in the Philippines6 best public markets in the Philippines

Where can you get the freshest ingredients this morning?

Many of us are becoming increasingly health conscious, so naturally, we are becoming more open to the idea of farm-to-table practices. But even if we are not the most health conscious person, we still view sourcing the best and freshest ingredients, that are as unprocessed as possible, as something appealing.

But what does this commitment to getting the freshest meat and produce entail? Aside from being meticulous in choosing meat and produce, it also involves a frequent morning battle at the nearest market for the best ingredients! As daunting as it may seem, it can still be fun and exciting! You just have to know where the best public market in the Philippines is and how to make the most of your visit.

Here are six of our favorites.

What is the Best Public Market in the Philippines?

1. Farmer’s Market

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Address: Gen. McArthur Ave. Cubao, Quezon City

Hours: No specific schedule, but best to come early for fresh harvest and they most likely close late at night.

Tagged as the cleanest wet and dry market in Metro Manila by shoppers, enjoy your morning routine while you go through the well organised sections and wide aisles of Farmer’s Market. From fruits, vegetable, seafood, meat, even flowers, Farmer’s Market has got it all. Best of all, at a reasonable price.

2. Baguio City Market

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Address: 38 Rajah Soliman St, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

Hours: 5 AM- 7PM

A market of great diversity and fresh finds, Baguio city market is clean, cool, and well stocked.

Go shopping for delectable fruits like strawberries and sweet Baguio lemons. Don’t forget about your mom’s “walis tambo” and get those fresh and cheap vegetables like broccoli and lettuce. Try Yakon, a sweet root vegetable, which resembles the taste that of turnip and sweet potato. One of the best public market in the Philippines, indeed!

Tip: Try to go on a weekday for lower demand, hence, more discounts!

3. Angeles City Public Market

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Address: D-13 Richthofen St, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga

Hours: 4 AM - 8 AM

Also known as “Pampang”, this market is the drop point for dealers of vegetables, meats, and fish in the country’s Culinary Center and neighboring cities. Wake up early and expect great deals and fresh produce from this big wet market!

Tip: Wear your rubber booties so you can easily and comfortably go around and check out more prices in this big market!

4. El Nido Public Market

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Address: Rizal St, El Nido, Palawan

Hours: 5:30 AM – 8 PM

Visiting Palawan soon? There's more to the island for foodies than just choice eats. For those looking to cook their own meals, drop by El Nido Public Market and get all of your needs in one place! Find piping hot bread, grilled street food, freshly cut meat, fresh seafood and many more! You can also get lobster from this market at 1,800 per kilo (5 – 6 pcs).

Tip: Try to use their own dialect which can be Ilonggo, Cuyonon, and Palawanon when haggling. Natives might give you a huge price break!

5. Navotas Fish Complex

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Address: Radial Rd 10, Navotas, Metro Manila

Hours: 7 AM- 5 PM

This wet market is the largest seafood landing site in the country so they sell fish by banyeras. Said to be the fishing capital of the Philippines, watch as boatloads of saltwater fish, live mussels and rare seafood are discharged and silently auctioned off by brokers and dealers.

Bulungan” is the term used for the way fish prices are secretly set, far from the usual loud haggling noise that we hear at Asian markets. A broker manages rows of banyeras and only accepts whispered bids.

Through hushed messages and weird hand signals, bidders will try to win their target fish at the lowest possible cost! Interesting, isn’t it? No wonder it’s one of the best public markets in the Philippines.

Tip: Get the freshest seafood around 9 PM to 10 PM!

6. Taboan Public Market

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Address: Cebu City, Cebu

Hours: 4 AM- 8 PM

This public market is the best source for Cebu’s most wanted dried delicacies. Get the best-dried mangoes, danggit, pusit, and other sun-dried selections from this place! Price ranges from 500 Php- 700 Php per kilo, depending on the type of dried fish and the amount that you purchase.

Tip: Buy from the smaller stalls! You get the same type and quality dried goodies at a lower cost from those bigger stalls.

These are just some of the best public markets in the Philippines that you may visit. The trick to smart shopping is to know your where, when, and how.

Where is the main source of the freshest ingredients?

When do they harvest and haul fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and fish?

How can I reasonably haggle?

The nearer you are to the source, the more you purchase, and the wiser you bid for the product, the smarter you get at shopping for the best ingredients. Complete your shopping list at your suking palengke soon. Have fun shopping and make it an even better experience with these tips!

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