Bubble tea hot pot is quickly becoming the hottest dessert craze - but is it for the right reasons?

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Is this new dessert truly original or just a copycat?

There’s never a bad time to have milk tea as a tasty snack. But the latest viral dessert trend that’s circulating on social media might surprise some of you. Bubble tea hot pot combines hotpot and our favourite Taiwanese drink together for a unique meal.

Does bubble tea hot pot hit all the right notes or is it tough to swallow?

bubble tea hot pot

Image | Instagram screengrab (@kainpilipinas)

Bubble tea hot pot is a twist on the usual milk tea we might order from Chatime or Gong Tea. Instead of the usual chicken or Szechuan broth, sweet milk tea is the “soup”. And the fillings are full of sweet treats like the much-loved tapioca pearls, mochi taro balls, grass jelly, or even Oreo crumbs.

Normally, milk tea is served ice cold. But this interesting dessert is served in a brass pot and warmed over a gentle fire to keep it warm.

bubble tea hot pot

Image | Instagram screengrab (@raincover.eats)

Some people have compared bubble tea hot pot as a similar version of ginataang bilo bilo. But the biggest difference between the two desserts is that bubble tea hot pot uses milk tea instead of coconut milk for the broth. However, the toppings are very similar.

There are a few murmurings that ginataang bilo bilo was the original dessert of this style.


However, others are happy to accept that it’s a separate dessert entirely.

Which is great considering Filipinos were discovered to be the most adventurous foodies in the world!

If you want to try this dessert for yourself, you can order a gallon of homemade milk tea. Just mix and match toppings yourself to make it your own!

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Vinnie Wong