11 unique Milk Teas in Singapore

11 unique Milk Teas in Singapore

Have you tried any of these unique Milk Teas?

Bubble tea has been all the rage ever since it was first introduced to the region. Bubble tea in Singapore is such a success that people are just bringing in more brands and coming up with more unique and creative concoctions to cater for the demand. Today’s standard milk tea isn’t just limited to tea, milk, sugar and tapioca bobba anymore. In fact, the choices of flavours, toppings and additions have evolved so much that the list is pretty mind-blowing. Here are 10 places you can go to have bubble tea in Singapore that doesn’t only serve just the status quos.

Places to go for unique Bubble tea in Singapore

1. Enzyme Tea and Brown Bubble Tea from True Boss

bubble tea is singapore

Image credit | trueboss.sg

Try something a little different but equally healthy for you! True Boss serves tea together with enzymes that aid digestion. Light, fruity and refreshing teas, you’ll definitely find this healthy bubble tea in Singapore at Northpoint Drive.

2. Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea with Cheese Brulee from R&B

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Image credit | rbteasg

Find these sweet-salty combos at Marina Square! Famous for their fresh milk and cream toppings enjoy their latest creation! Think caramelised brown sugar, fresh milk, with a velvety cream cheese topping and don’t forget those slow-cooked brown sugar bobas.

3. Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve from TP Tea

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Image credit | tptea.sg

Located at Changi airport and operates around the clock. So technically if you feel like pearl milk tea soft serve at 1 in the morning, you can! It is even certified halal so that everyone can enjoy this delicious treat without any worry.

4. Grab a bite and some colourful Milk Teas at I Love Taimei

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Image credit | ilovetaimei

Feeling peckish and think of having some unicorn coloured bubble milk tea? Then head on over to I Love Taimei on Orchard for some Taiwanese snacks and range of fruity teas. We love their super cute names for their drinks.

5. Partea really mean it when they say fruit teas

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Image credit | jennytaneats

Check out their famous Rainbow tea series which literally is rainbow medley of chopped fruits dunked and infused with their premium tea. They also have your regular milk tea of course but with delicious fresh fruity teas like this, trust us, you won’t miss the boba balls. Check them out at Suntec city!

6. Artease’s salted caramel milk tea

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7. Ice cream milk tea from i.tea

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Image credit | jenni_30

Ever wanted ice cream and milk tea all at the same time? Well, now you can with i.tea’s ice cream milk tea! Never stress again over desserts and get the best of both worlds!


8. Nayuki

11 unique Milk Teas in Singapore

Image credit | nayukisg


Famous for pairing their drinks with soft bread, Nayuki is the new kid on the block. Try their Supreme Cheese Strawberry drink together with their famous strawberry fresh cream bread. Find them at Vivocity.

9. Bober Tea

11 unique Milk Teas in Singapore

Image credit | boberteasg

Their super Instagrammable creations are made with premium ingredients like Hokkaido milk and pure matcha powder for the tea. They even have collagen jelly, aloe vera jelly and Okinawa black sugar. Honestly, just look at their dabao version! See what we mean by super Instagrammable? Check them out at Bishan!

10. Hey Tea

11 unique Milk Teas in Singapore

Image credit | heytea

Who would have thought cheese and tea would be a good mix. Hey Tea just launched their new Cheezo Teas. There’s just something about that salty frothy cheese that cuts the bitterness from the tea. Grab yours at ION Orchard Mall today!

11. Li Ho

11 unique Milk Teas in Singapore

Image credit | lihosg

Check out their cheese tea series like Cheese Guan Yin and Cheese Jing Syuan! But if you want something super guilt-free, check out their special teas made with natural zero-calorie sweetener Stevia at Orchard Road and Paragon Square.


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Rosanna Chio