Here's how many calories you might be sneaking through drinks!

Here's how many calories you might be sneaking through drinks!Here's how many calories you might be sneaking through drinks!

You could rack up hundreds of calories before you even eat any food!

Most of us enjoy a drink to accompany our meals. When you’re trying to keep your waistline trim and slim, you might not give much thought to how many calories your beverage will have. I mean, how bad could it be, right?  But it could be these high calorie drinks that are piling on the pounds, even when you feel like you barely eat anything all day!

9 high calorie drinks that might be tipping the scale

1. Smoothies

high calorie drinks

Image | Pexels

Calories: 400

As delicious and wholesome as smoothies are, it should go without saying that they pack a bunch of calories! Especially if they use full-fat yoghurt or milk for that extra creamy flavour. But that would defeat the point of it as a healthy drink, right?

If you order out, keep these high calorie drinks down in their calorie value by asking for the non-fat yoghurt. And make sure they use real fruit. Even better, make your own smoothie!

2. Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

high calorie drinks

Image | Starbucks

Calories: 500

The perfect on-the-go drink for a hot day. But buying one of these will set you back 500 calories! There’s 79g of sugar in one cup. Despite it not having many ingredients, the whipped cream turns this into one of the high calorie drinks you should be wary of if you are watching your weight.

Consider black coffee instead if you desperately need the caffeine.

3. Lime juice

Calories: 160

Kopi tiam drinks aren’t normally considered as high calorie drinks. Drinking lime juice seems like a harmless beverage to have with your meal. But they often add extra sugar so it doesn’t taste so sour.

4. Sugar cane

high calorie drinks

Image | Saveur

Calories: 120

There’s nothing more refreshing than freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. But it makes the list of high calorie drinks because it has a lot of natural sugar (which makes it taste awesome).

5. Teh C

Calories: 150

It’s a comforting drink to order. Sometimes you’ll just have this on its own when you’re hanging out with friends. But the condensed milk ups the calorie value much higher than you’d expect.

6. Kopi-O

high calorie drinks

Image | Wikimedia Commons

Calories: 66

“But it’s black coffee!”

Unless you order kopi-o kosong, you’ll still be sneaking in extra calories you didn’t want. They pour a fair amount of sugar in there to keep customers happy.

7. Piña colada

Calories: 640

We hate to be a wet blanket when you’re out trying to have fun. And there’s nothing that says “party time!” than a piña colada.

It’s worth knowing that the coconut cream and pineapple juice turn this into a heavy beverage. Compare that to a mojito that’s only 240 calories per glass!

8. A pint of beer

high calorie drinks

Image | Pexels

Calories: 180

There’s a reason they call it a “beer belly”. Cracking open an ice-cold beer on a hot day is one of life’s great joys. But the fact that it’s so easy to drink is why beer is always going to be considered as one of the high calorie drinks that leads to a bigger belly!

9. A glass of wine (175ml)

high calorie drinks

Image | Flickr

Calories: 160

A well-aged glass of wine can enhance food to new levels of flavour. But one glass of red wine is the same as drinking a cup of latte.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong