11 New Chinese New Year Menu Items for 2019

11 New Chinese New Year Menu Items for 201911 New Chinese New Year Menu Items for 2019

It's that time of year again! Get your exclusive Chinese New Year menu items from your favourite food brands in Singapore!

It’s that time of year again! With the festive season just around the corner, various fast food restaurants have come up with Chinese New Year menu items to tempt your taste buds.

Whether you just want to check if your favourite fried chicken place has come out with anything new, or are looking to order in some extra food while visiting, we’ve got you covered.

11 Chinese New Year Menu Items To Treat Your Tastebuds –

1. McDonald’s Prosperity Burger, Twister Fries and Peach Tarts


McDonald’s Prosperity Burger | McDonald’s SG FB

This popular favourite is back in stores! I for one am happy to see the Chinese New Year exclusive Twister fries back at McDonalds. And those who love their peppery sauces will love the chicken or beef burgers’ almost-spicy, tangy sauce.

Get their Prosperity Feast set at S$9.50 and you’ll also receive free red packets from McDonalds! It’s not exactly a Happy Meal toy, but I guess we’re all adults now, huh. Pro-tip: If you’ve forgotten to wrap an extra red packet for your nieces or nephews, just head to the nearest McDonald’s drive-through immediately.

You can get the Prosperity Beef or Prosperity Chicken Burger at $7.85 and the Prosperity Fest Set at S$9.50 from McDonalds.

2. Pezzo’s Prosperity Smoked Salmon Pizza and Durian Kaya Pizza

pezzo pizza kaya durian

Pezzo Kaya Durian Pizza | instagram (@pezzopizzasg)

Singapore is a nation of durian lovers. And kaya is a popular spread unique to Singapore and Malaysia. Pezzo has put both onto one pizza to create a uniquely Singaporean flavor.

pezzo Prosperity Smoked Salmon Pizza

Pezzo Prosperity Smoked Salmon Pizza | Pezzo

While the Kaya Durian Pizza is more of a dessert dish, the new Prosperity Smoked Salmon Pizza can be a whole meal! Topped with smoked salmon, creamy avocado slices, bright tomatoes, healthy yogurt and melted cheese, the Prosperity Smoked Salmon Pizza is a wonderful mix of complementary flavours to delight your tastebuds. Apart from lending a creamy texture, the avocado also balances out the bold flavours of the salmon with its freshness.

The new pizzas will be selling at $5.90 per slice, and $29.90 per pan at Pezzo.

3. Pizza Hut’s Ji Li Crab Pizza

pizza hut ji li crab pizza

Image | instagram (@pizzahut_sg)

Taste the ocean with this seafood-infused pizza from Pizza Hut! This pizza, which takes influence from the famous Singaporean dish, Chilli Crab, includes snow crab sticks, shrimps, and cherry tomatoes topped with tangy chilli crab sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Additionally, you can add-on the Alfredo Baked Salmon and Treasure Platter as sides. The Treasure Platter even includes the traditional “Ngoh Hiang” wrapped in crispy beancurd skin.

The Ji Li Crab Pizza is available from Pizza Hut for S$25.90.

4. KFC’s Parmesan Truffle Chicken

11 New Chinese New Year Menu Items for 2019

KFC Parmesan Truffle Chicken | instagram (@kfc_sg)

Truffle-lovers rejoice! KFC Singapore has rolled out this item islandwide, offering an untraditional but tasty item to add to order when your relatives visit over New Year’s. This “premium” menu item sports the regular crispy skin and juicy chicken meat of all KFC items, but this time with a potent truffle flavour.

Order the Parmesan Truffle 2-piece meal from KFC at S$8.95.

5. Burger King’s Salmon Mentaiko Burger and Mentaiko Double Chick’n Crisp Burger

mentaiko burger burger king

Image | Burger King SG

Covered in a creamy pink Mentaiko (spicy fish roe) sauce, the limited-edition salmon Salmon Mentaiko Burger from Burger King features fresh salmon airflown from Hokkaido. And for those who don’t fancy fish, there’s also a chicken option with a double patty.

Comes in a value meal combo with thick-cut fries and a SJORA drink for S$6.90 . For large groups, grab a Four-Tune Box at S$8.80, a snacker with golden fries, nuggets, golden cheesy tots and crispy onion rings.

7. Long John Silver’s Seafood Treasures and Golden Platter

Calling all seafood lovers! Featuring a buttered Dory fish and 3-piece shrimp, the exclusive Seafood Treasures meal is a hearty seafood and rice-dish topped with a tart Fortune Sauce.

Choose the Seafood Treasures Meal at S$7.90 and the Golden Chicken Meal at $6.70 from Long John Silver’s.

8. MOS Burger’s Hokkaido Salmon Rice Burger

mos burger cny

Image | instagram (@mosburgersg)

Hokkaido Salmon is sure making a comeback this year. This limited-edition rice burger features a slice of fresh Salmon topped with wasabi sauce, for a delightful blend reminiscent of a healthy rice-bowl.

MOS Burger is also serving ebi croquettes this Chinese New Year period. Grab them fast, though, as they’re limited to only 50 pieces in stores per day.

Order the Hokkaido Salmon Rice Burger from MOS Burger at S$5.15!

9. Popeyes’ Parmesan Golden Chicken

popeyes parmesan golden chicken

Image | Popeyes SG

This chicken set from the popular fried chicken franchise Popeyes proves that salted egg yolk isn’t dead. Blending the taste of crispy chicken skin with Parmesan cheese and Singapore’s favourite food trend.

Popeyes’ Parmesan Golden Chicken Set Meal retails for S$8.90.

10. Texas Chicken’s Hong Pow Ma’ ‘Luck’ Chicken

11 New Chinese New Year Menu Items for 2019

Image | instagram (@texaschickensg)

Marinated with Szechuan spices and topped with a spicy Mala sauce, this sizzling dish is sure to tickle the tastebuds of all spicy-food addicts! And you can use the OCBC Pay Anyone app to get S$2 off.

Get the 2pcs Hong Pow! Ma ‘Luck’ Chicken Combo from Texas Chicken for S$10.60.

11. HEYTEA’s Cherry Cheezo

hey tea cherry cheezo

HEYTEA Cherry Cheezo | Heytea FB

Enough with all the fast foods, now you need something to wash it all down.

Chinese Cheese tea brand HEYTEA’s new “Cherry Cheezo” tea is a strawberry and cherry flavoured drink. Its cherries are sourced all the way from Chile to ensure its quality.

You can also customise the drink by swapping the Ever Spring tea-base, with their signature King Fone base, and choosing whether or not to add cheese foam.

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