ChocNut Spread Is Now A Thing And Here's Where You Can Get It

ChocNut Spread Is Now A Thing And Here's Where You Can Get It

ChocNut is now available in a spreadable version and we know exactly where you can get it.

ChocNut spread is no longer just a dream.

The bite-sized, brick-shaped chocolate-and-peanut goodness is now available in a spreadable version after Amarise Sweets released the ChocNut spread.

Amarise Sweets—whose owners are also part of the family that owns Annie Candy MFG, the manufacturer of the well-loved Filipino treat ChocNut—shared the photo of the spread on their social media pages in late November 2018 and has since gone viral.

Speaking to NONILO, Annie Candy said it “the development of the spread took some time [as well as] revisions before we got it to its current consistency, texture and taste.”

chocnut spread

Chocnut spread.

The spread comes in 160g bottles and sells for just ₱70, and ₱2,000 for a box of 30. Because why wouldn’t you buy a box of 30, right? 

The spread has a shelf life of 6 months.

The spread is one of the online confectionery’s latest products featuring the chocolate-peanut candy. They also have created cupcakes, mousse, and cakes and other ChocNut-heavy desserts.

Where to get a bottle of ChocNut spread?

Good news to those living in Metro Manila! According to the manufacturer, they are currently focusing on handling orders and delivery within metro manila through their distribution partners.

In addition, you can get your hands on this spoonable treat as well as other ChocNut treats from Amarise Sweets.

If you’re nowhere near the metro, however, there’s no need to fret. ChocNut might soon be available outside Manila. “We are looking into possibly spreading our distribution, and deliveries for this product in the near future,” the company told NONILO.

Who’s excited?

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Nikki De Guzman