5 places to get lovely, affordable Christmas decorations in Manila

5 places to get lovely, affordable Christmas decorations in Manila

Because you don't have to break the bank to make your home festive this holiday season!

From dazzling light displays and towering Christmas trees around the city to charming nativity scenes and lanterns that adorn many homes, the Christmas season isn’t just a time of giving, but being creative, too!

Looking for affordable Christmas decor in Manila? Check out these five reliable stores for some festive, value-for-money finds.

Where to go for great, value-for-money Christmas decorations in Manila

1. Dapitan Arcade

Located along Dapitan corner Kanlaon street, Quezon City, Dapitan arcade is one of the best places to go when searching for budget-friendly Christmas decor in Manila.

But it’s not just during the holiday season that Dapitan Arcade is a great shopping destination. All year round, this store is a great place to source to a variety of homeware and decorative pieces, such as plates, mugs, and pillowcases.

Check out Dapitan Arcade’s Facebook page for more information.

2. Christmas Factory

As the name suggests, this store sells as well as crafts their own Christmas decor. Santa Claus-themed items reign supreme here, as well as other charming festive ornaments and figurines.

You can find the Christmas Factory in Sampaloc, Manila.

Check out The Christmas Factory’s Facebook page for more information.

3. Natural Art Flowers and Decors

Located along Tayuman street in Tondo, Manila, Natural Art Flowers and Decors is one of the great places to go if you’re looking for beautiful Christmas decor in Manila. They offer an array of festive finds, from Christmas trees to candy canes. But their goods extend beyond holiday decor, as they also offer floral arrangement and event planning services.

Check out Natural Art Flowers and Decors Facebook page for more information.

4. Unique Novelties and Toys

If you’re fond of multitasking while shopping, then this place might be more your speed. Aside from pretty Christmas decor in Manila, they also offer homeware at affordable, wholesale prices.They have everything from lanterns to kitchenware and artificial flowers and toys. Check out this shop along Zorra street in San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City.

Visit Unique Novelties and Toys Facebook page for more information.

5. Tutuban Center, Divisoria

Divisoria is brimming with affordable finds and Christmas decorations are definitely some of them. Head down to Tabora street and you will find everything from Christmas trees to stockings and wreaths as well as string lights.

Anding’s, which you can find along Sta. Elena street in Tondo and Tutuban center, carries a wide range of Christmas decor as well as gift items, like board games, dolls, sporting goods, and toy cars. Tutuban primeblock also has an array of Christmas decorations, from wreaths to stairway garlands.

Check out Anding’s Facebook page for more information.

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Bianchi Mendoza