13 Super fun ways to decorate your Christmas desserts

13 Super fun ways to decorate your Christmas desserts

Bring on the festive cheer by trying these simple methods to change ordinary desserts into Christmas themed ones!

Despite the constant feasting during the holidays, there will always be room for Christmas desserts because we will always find excuses to eat more. But Christmas only happens once a year, which is why people go all out.

So it’s not only about serving delicious holiday favourites, but also creative ways to make your Christmas desserts look festive and fun enough to eat.

13 fun ways to decorate your Christmas desserts
1. Christmas pavlova wreaths
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Image credit | mylittlehongkongkitchen

Instead of shaping your pavlova into one whole round lump like you regularly do, try dolloping your meringue into a shape of a ring instead. Bake as per usual then top it with whipped cream, seasonal berries and some mint leaves. Why serve a regular pavlova when you can serve this colourful Christmas wreath?

2. Chocolate dipped cookies
13 Super fun ways to decorate your Christmas desserts

Image credit | theloopywhisk

Don’t just offer regular chocolate-dipped biscuits to your guests. Wow them instead with these super cute little reindeer bites. It is amazing how a couple of mini pretzels, melted chocolate, cookies, M&Ms and marshmallow frosting can do!

3. Christmas tree surprise
13 Super fun ways to decorate your Christmas desserts

Image credit | dulcehabita

You don’t always have to decorate the outside of your Christmas desserts only. You can actually hide it on the inside as well! A great idea is to make a crosscut Christmas tree in your loaf cake. Nobody would guess it until you start cutting into it.

4. Christmas sprinkles
13 Super fun ways to decorate your Christmas desserts

Image credit | arborgbakery

A very simple and straightforward way to decorate your Christmas desserts is to get some holiday sprinkles! And even if you can’t get any Christmas sprinkles in your country, you can always stick to the regular ones in green and red.

5. Switch out the unicorn cake for a reindeer cake
13 Super fun ways to decorate your Christmas desserts

Image credit | sweetnsaucyshop

With some minor modifications, you can change those iconic unicorn cakes into reindeer ones this holiday. Switch out the rainbow horn for antlers and add the spots at the top of the head and the result is a Christmas inspired cake to wow guest when it comes to dessert time.

6. Santa’s hat
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Image credit | sherbakes

These super cute Santa hats are so easy to put together. All you need is some mini marshmallow, desiccated coconut and melted white chocolate or sugar syrup to act as glue. Remove the leaves and top part of the strawberry. Dip it in a little bit of sugar, honey, or melted white chocolate before covering it with desiccated coconut. Finish off with a mini marshmallow at the end and you’re all done!

7. Snowman meringue
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Image credit | pikunsupissara

If you have a lot of egg white lying around, why not make this to serve as Christmas desserts? Make them into meringues and pipe out blobs to make this snowman. Add on some eyes, a pine nut for its nose and some dill for arms.

8. Christmas cake pops ornaments
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Image credit | sprinklenfrost

Have some cake scraps? Make them into cake pops! Crumble the cake and mix it with some frosting. Shape them into balls and add on the lollipop sticks and let it set up a bit in the fridge. Once it is set, dip into some melted chocolate and finish them off with edible glitter in red and gold! It is such a cute way to transform cake pops into Christmas ornaments.

9. Mini Gingerbread coffee cookies
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Image credit | cheflindseyfarr

What about baking some cute Christmas cookies to go with some latte or even hot chocolate? We love this idea of making this super tiny gingerbread house topped with crushed candy cane for its roof. It is the perfect accompaniment to any warm drink and the best part of all it can rest on the rim of any cup!

10. Holiday meringue drops
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Image credit | aniceartwork

Meringues don’t always have to be white in colour. You can paint on three stripes using gel colouring on the inside of your piping bags. Fill the piping bags with your meringue and squeeze until you can see colours on your meringue drops. They are small and super cute as a Christmas dessert snack or to be given out as presents.

11. Christmas tree brownies


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Image credit | vegstern

It would really make a difference when you turn your regular brownies into gorgeous Christmas desserts that are worth serving. Even if you think everyone loves chocolate brownies, it is added touch and details that really bring on the festives to the table.

12. Strawberry Santas
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Image credit | _eliasfrank

This Christmas dessert is almost effortless if you whip up the cream with a hand mixer. Just remove the leaves off the strawberry and cut it in half. Place the strawberry top side down and pipe on the whipping cream before topping it off with the bottom half of the strawberry. Use a toothpick to add some chocolate eyes and make a tiny dollop at the very tip to finish before serving.

13. Christmas trifle shooters
christmas desserts

Image credit | yockenthwaitefarm

Aside from playing with colours like this mascarpone and rhubarb mini trifle shooters topped with crunchy toasted oats, remember to finish your Christmas desserts with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or icing sugar. There’s just something about it that reminds us of snow. Nothing like a little “snow” decorate cakes and tops of desserts. A good tip would be to use paper doilies to add lace designs on top of dessert. Your guest would be super impressed.

Food decoration might take some effort and creativity, but we are sure you will be able to make or apply these ideas at home after this. Good luck and remember to show us your creations!

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Rosanna Chio