Christmas Treats to avoid if you're on a Diet

Christmas Treats to avoid if you're on a DietChristmas Treats to avoid if you're on a Diet

The best advice anyone can give with regards to dieting during Christmas is: "don't bother". Because who wants dieting tips when everyone is busy stuffing their face instead of counting calories during the holidays?

But if you have worked long and hard all year to keep those inches off and just want to be extra careful with what you eat this Christmas here are a list of Christmas goodies to be wary of. Of course, we're not suggesting that you make yourself miserable by adhering 100% to these dieting tips. Instead, we're suggesting that you indulge in moderation, and maybe cut back a little when having these at the table.

Christmas Dieting tips: What to enjoy and what to avoid

1. Shortbread christmas dieting tips

If you have never had shortbread, they are rich buttery sugary biscuits that would go great with your cup of eggnog, spiced coffee or holiday hot chocolate. However, because of their high-fat content, you'll be consuming more calories per shortbread if you continue snacking on them throughout the day. And let's be honest here, one shortbread to one hot drink is not going to cut it especially if its unsweetened coffee. A healthier option is to this is switching to biscotti instead because they have a lower calorie count. Of course, alternatively, you can also limit yourself to one shortbread biscuit only if you have self-discipline like the navy seals.

2. Dips

christmas dieting tips

A lot of people tend to think that dips are healthy because you're having them with fresh and colourful veggie sticks. There is some truth in that but let's face it. It's the holidays and we're bound to indulge. Who's going to serve healthy dips during the holidays? We're talking about baked brie and cheesy dips that are extremely high in fat. Plus. dips can be served with a variety of stuff like bread, crackers and even chips instead of veggies. Everyone knows how addictive dips are and they normally don't stop eating until something runs out -either chips or the dip.

Salsa, hummus, tzatziki, bean based dips and any other low-calorie dips are a better bet. Skip crackers and chips and make a beeline for the veggie sticks. If there are no healthier options, then stick to 1-2 tablespoons of dip at the most.

3. Gravy

christmas dieting tips

We just love to flood our meat and baked potatoes with gravy. But did you know that the most delicious gravies are made with the fat drippings from the meats that were roasted? And let's not forget about the butter that we slathered on the meat itself to get that crispy skin.

Adding this fat back into the gravy gives it added flavours but it also increases the calories per serving. If you're making it at home, stick to the low fat, low carb and low sodium options, otherwise go easy when pouring the gravy.

4. Anything wrapped in pastry

christmas dieting tips

If only you knew how many calories hide in pastries even in the mini bite-sized pieces. So we're talking quiches, pies, sausage rolls and even cheese triangles! These are tiny flavour bombs that actually have very little nutrition but contain hundreds of calories. Flakey, tender, fall apart short pastries contain lots of fat, and there is no way around the fat to flour ratio if you want really good pastry. So skip these mini pastry snacks at parties and head for the meats and seafood instead. These dieting tips will save you from an expanding waistline.

5. Chocolates

christmas dieting tips

Chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate cake pops, you will receive some of these as gifts. But as delicious as chocolates are, even a handful of chocolates would already rack up extra calories you don't need. Plus they are really very hard to resist. For this reason, hide the chocolates away so you don't see them because it is super easy to grab some if you seem them lying around throughout the day.

6. Drinks

christmas dieting tips

And what is Christmas without a couple of drinks? But one drink can become two drinks, and three drinks and up to several cans of beer and even a whole bottle of wine. And it is not just one party leading towards Christmas. There might be several parties and by the end every single one, you would wonder why your skinnies are getting tighter and tighter. An average drink would already contain roughly 100 calories. So imagine if you have three to four drinks in one sitting and let's not forget about what else you'll be eating. Opt for low-calorie mixers, skip the beer and stick to wine and sparkling wine that has lower calories overall. Most importantly, drink moderately so that fewer food calories stay in your body.

We hope that with these dieting tips you won't rack up too many calories to burn this holiday. Of course, it is the time of the year to indulge but remember to do so in moderation!

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Written by

Rosanna Chio