10 simple and effortless Christmas table setting ideas

10 simple and effortless Christmas table setting ideas

No fancy Christmas plates at home? No worries! Draw inspirations from these Christmas tables settings and recreate them at home!

With December just around the corner, it’s time to take out the Christmas tree, Christmas plates as well as other decors. Because if you’re throwing a dinner party with close friends and family, then your dining table really needs to be as impressive as your menu will be. But not to worry if you’re stuck and unsure about what to do. Whether you have special Christmas plates or just plain dining ware, below are 15 effortless Christmas table setting ideas and inspirations to get you started.

Christmas plates setting, table centrepiece ideas and dressing up plain plates

1. Always add nature

10 simple and effortless Christmas table setting ideas

Image credit | elisabeth_kvinnsland

Twigs, acorns and Christmas tree branches all can be used as decor. The best part of it all is that you don’t even need to do very much to them since they are already so pretty. Use them to tie your napkins or put them into jars. Either way, they will still make your table setting look amazing.

2. Use fall-themed flowers as your centrepiece

christmas plates

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If you have the creativity to do your own flower arrangement, why not try and recreate this gorgeous fall coloured centrepiece? Pair them with your brown and gold trimmed Christmas plates. Your guests will surely be in awe.

3. Fairy lights

10 simple and effortless Christmas table setting ideas

Image credit | butlerscz

Never underestimate what fairy lights can do to a table. Pair with some wood decor and small patterned Christmas plates makes this simple table set up warm and cosy.

4. Dress up vintage plates

10 simple and effortless Christmas table setting ideas

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Do you also have hand-me-down vintage plates that you’re not sure what to do with? You can still have an elegant setting by keeping everything white, with some crystals and a simple centrepiece. Let your Christmas plates be the focal point on your table since it would also make a great conversation starter.

5. Don’t shy away from oddly sized Christmas plates

10 simple and effortless Christmas table setting ideas

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Don’t be afraid to mix square plates with round ones! There are no hard rules when it comes to stacking your Christmas plates to make things more interesting.

6. Layer it

christmas plates

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If all you have at home are plain white plates, there is no need to rush out and make a random Christmas purchase. Try layering between the plates some colourful napkins and Christmas tree greens. The contrasting texture and colours will dress up a boring white plate.

7. Use interesting placemats

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Another way to make your table setting unique is to use interesting placemats. Or alternatively, you can try a hand at designing your own personalised ones? There are plenty of Christmas design templates online or to keep it super simple, just use lace paper doilies as stamping templates!

8. Get the kids involved with some handmade touches

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Image credit | theordinarylovely

You don’t always have to stick to the theme colours to make it Christmasy. Christmas is also all about family, so get your kids in on simple decor projects like these standing cardboard Christmas trees and personalised name tags. No need for fancy Christmas plates, just simple pastel colours.

9. Play with colours

Christmas plates

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Be creative and dress up your Christmas plates by mixing different colours. Apply the layering method but also think about using colours that work together. Safe colours are red and green of course but don’t limit yourself to those two colours only.

10. Monochrome can be beautiful too

Christmas plates

Image credit | blossomingnest

While the majority of most Christmas table setting would include fall colours, gold as well as green and red colours, this doesn’t mean you cannot have a white Christmas as well. Monochrome can be beautiful as well with muted colours, pastels, whites with pops of brown and black here and there. Just add small Christmas details like this mistletoe wreath around your white Christmas plates and decor. Those tiny balls of red would definitely draw all attention to your dining table.

We hope that you find these suggestions interesting and will try and recreate them at home. Let us know which ones are your favourite and what challenges you faced while setting up your table in the comments below!

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Rosanna Chio