Declutter your refrigerator for the new year with these 5 simple tips

Declutter your refrigerator for the new year with these 5 simple tipsDeclutter your refrigerator for the new year with these 5 simple tips

These simple and easy steps will go a long way towards maintaining your refrigerator!

Having a clean refrigerator can make the difference towards the efficiency and how long it will last. Here are some simple suggestions to keep your fridge running smoothly for years to come.

5 tips on how to maintain a clean refrigerator

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1. Clean the condenser coils

The condenser coils work best when they’re clear. If they’re covered in dust, your refrigerator will have to work harder to cool your fridge down. You will normally find the condenser coils towards the back of the fridge. We recommend pulling your fridge out twice a year and giving the coils a quick clean with a hoover or a brush.

2. Check your water filter

If your refrigerator dispenses ice or water, then it’ll have a water filter. And these need to be replaced every six months. This is commonly neglected when people work towards having a clean refrigerator. But water passing through a dirty filter is dirtier compared to when it was unfiltered. Imagine drinking that!

3. Make sure your door seals are tight

The gaskets keep cold air in and warm air out of the refrigerator. And if the seals aren’t strong enough, this will affect both the efficiency and could spoil your food (and fridge!) quicker. Clean the seals with vinegar and water to remove any food residue. Chemical solutions like bleach or ammonia might be too harsh on the gasket. After that’s dried, try the dollar bill test. Close the fridge door so the money is trapped. If you can pull it out easily, consider changing the seals. This is an important step to maintain a clean refrigerator!

4. Clear the drain hole

clean refrigerator

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When the back of your refrigerator wall collects moisture, it normally flows down into the drain hole. But if you notice pools forming on the shelves, it’s likely that your drain hole is not clear. Simply use a straw or a cotton bud to clear any blockages or food residue. However, just make sure food doesn’t touch the back of your wall. If this happens, the moisture won’t flow into the drain hole!

5. Remove excess water and scrub the drip pan

Water collects in your drip pan to remove condensation building in your refrigerator. First, take out the drip pan and pour out the water that’s built up. Then, scrub the pan with vinegar and water to remove any grease or grime. Once it’s dried you can put it back.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong