Are you still making these deadly chemical combinations from everyday cleaning products?

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It might seem like an effective solution, but can lead to fatal consequences!

We know the temptation to combine cleaning products to make the ultimate solution to remove tough stains or make our kitchen tiles sparkling clean again. But not knowing your chemistry can have harmful consequences, maybe even fatal! Take note of these cleaning products NOT to mix!

9 cleaning products not to mix

1. Bleach & Vinegar

cleaning products not to mix

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Both are powerful disinfectants. But mixing them together produces toxic chlorine gas that burns your eyes and lungs. Definitely cleaning products not to mix!

2. Bleach & Ammonia

These two common ingredients are cleaning products not to mix at all costs. When combined, you get chloramine. Not only is it extremely toxic when inhaled, but it can become a highly flammable liquid.

3. Rubbing alcohol & Bleach

Mixing these two household products makes chloroform. You might recognise this chemical concoction from movies when kidnappers need to knock out their victims. Inhaling this causes dizziness – too much can cause damage to your respiratory system.

4. Hydrogen peroxide & Vinegar

Hydrogen peroxide is a common bleaching agent while vinegar is useful for eliminating tough stains. Mixing both results in peracetic acid that is highly corrosive and could be very damaging to your skin.

5. Bleach & Toilet bowl cleaner

cleaning products not to mix

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If your toilet bowl cleaner doesn’t seem to make the ceramic glisten, then avoid adding bleach. It will release toxic fumes that will sting your eyes and make it difficult to breathe.

6. Different drain cleaners

cleaning products not to mix

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Drain cleaners can be miracle workers with clogged sinks. But when one isn’t doing the job, you may be tempted to add a different unclogging agent. However, doing so will produce toxic chlorine gas.

7. Baking soda & Vinegar

cleaning products not to mix

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These two versatile pantry items shouldn’t be mixed. Combining them produces an explosive solution if left in a closed container.

8. Lysol & Bleach

cleaning products not to mix

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Lysol is a popular disinfectant. But adding bleach to it to make a super cleaning agent will fall flat and irritate you. Mainly your skin!

9. Bleach & Lemon juice

cleaning products not to mix

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Yes, even lemon juice shouldn’t mix with bleach! Although the acidic solution is useful in many situations, like cleaning your mattress, combining with bleach also results in chlorine gas!


Don’t let your cleaning efforts go to waste and take note of these cleaning products not to mix!

Written by

Vinnie Wong