9 Essential Tips For Decluttering The Wardrobe

9 Essential Tips For Decluttering The Wardrobe9 Essential Tips For Decluttering The Wardrobe

The hardest part is getting started. But planning ahead will make a big difference in having an organised wardrobe!

When it’s time to spring clean, the closet is known to be the toughest place to clear out. It’s no surprise when it’s chock full of clothes that you’ve accumulated over many years. Letting go of clothes that don’t even fit anymore can be tough because of an emotional attachment to certain items. Maybe they serve as a reminder of where you’ve been or because of the positive remarks people made when you rocked it. But don’t let these excuses hold you back from decluttering your home. By following this closet declutter checklist, you’ll have an optimised wardrobe full of clothes that make you happy – even Marie Kondo will be proud!

Closet declutter checklist – 9 tips to clear the clutter

1. Does this fit me physically as originally designed?

The first thing to bear in mind for your closet declutter checklist is seeing if clothes look good on you. Certain items that used to be perfect fits previously may now only fit well in certain parts. You want to keep clothes that bring out the best out of your figure.

Gather the clothes that fall into this category and send them to a tailor to see if they can be adjusted.

Even if your favourite items fit, clothes should also be comfortable. When they cause you to fidget or adjust frequently throughout the day, it makes you look less confident.

2. Does this show your personality?

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The most important point of the closet declutter checklist concerns your style. After all, your clothes play a big part in expressing your personality. Ask a trusted friend to be there when you go through your closet. Their extra pair of eyes and brutally honest opinion helps to see if items make the statement you’re hoping to make.

Keep in mind that you’re finding a happy marriage between style and substance. The clothes should match your personal style while being appropriate for your lifestyle. However, don’t settle for things that don’t fit the bill. Even if a piece of clothing was a gift, it needs a new home if it doesn’t show your personality.

3. Is it pretty enough to give away as a gift?

As counter-intuitive as this sounds, following this tip on the closet declutter checklist helps in deciding if clothing make the final cut whether they stay or go. If you would give clothing as a gift, then this speaks of its quality and longevity. After all, you wouldn’t give something that wasn’t good to a friend or family member.

And by extension, if it’s not good enough for someone else to use, why should you put up with it?

4. How easy is it to mix and match?

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Having a wardrobe filled with clothing that’s easy to mix and match will make your life a lot easier in the future! You don’t want to spend all morning in front of the mirror finding the perfect outfit for the day. Ask yourself how versatile each item is as you’re going through the closet. Does it need other items to fit in, or can it go with different styles?

5. Find places to donate your clothes to ahead of time

Gets your mind in the zone for decluttering before you actually start. Having places to donate your clothes in mind saves you from procrastination. It makes the pile of clothes on the floor less intimidating to sort through. And speaking of sorting through unwanted items…

6. Have a donation box

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Definitely take note of this and make it happen! Giving clothes away becomes easier when there’s a dedicated outlet available. As you’re sorting through your closet, clothes you intend to donate can go straight into this temporary storage space.

7. Break it down in chunks

If going through the whole closet is too much, then it’s ok to work through your wardrobe section by section.  After all, it’s expensive to replace everything in one go! Not only is it easier on your wallet, but it makes optimising the current wardrobe simpler too. You have a chance to mix and match clothing and identify what’s suitable.

8. Do a weekly clear

Getting into the habit of spending 15 minutes each week clearing your closet and sprucing it up. The task of decluttering becomes easier to manage and prevents the likelihood of hoarding clothes!

9. Have one seasonal sweep of decluttering

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A thorough declutter once a quarter can seem like a big effort, but if you keep doing a weekly clear, it’s just a formality.

Clear out all the clothes and run through points one to four in this closet declutter checklist. Doing so also allows you to clean the shelving and dust your wardrobe.

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