Cream-O premium returns, just in time for the holidays

Cream-O premium returns, just in time for the holidaysCream-O premium returns, just in time for the holidays

Attention, chocolate cookie lovers! Cream-O premium is back, but for a limited time only. Here's what you need to know.

As a holiday treat to chocolate cookie lovers, homegrown Filipino brand Cream-O has announced the much awaited return of Cream-O premium.

Cream-O Premium returns for a limited time only

After much demand online from fans of the beloved cookie brand, this news is sure to delight many, who consider Cream-O premium their favourite childhood snack.

Cream-O Premium, which is a chocolate-coated cookie sandwich with a cream filling, is currently available in leading supermarkets across the Philippines. A box, which contains 6 packs of 2 cookies, retails for about P71.

Cream-O premium now joins the roster of childhood favorites that generations of Filipinos have grown up snacking on. Personally, I love that I can still get chocolate crunchies, curly tops, iced gem biscuits, knick knacks, chiz curls, and yan yan whenever I’m craving them.

We hope this great news heralds in the comeback of more childhood favourites. Here’s just a few we would love to see in stores again:

  • Coney Island Ice cream – Kids of the 90s know that their bubblegum-flavored ice cream is truly a treat not just for its flavour, but the pleasant gum you could actually chew while enjoying the soft serve.
  • Presto Funwich – This sweet vanilla-filled treat was crunchy and creamy at the same time. We would love to see it in stores again!
  • Zip Juice Drink – These triangular-shaped packed drinks were definitely a treat for 90s kids. We wish the kids of today will experience how delicious and refreshing this drink was.
  • Serg’s chocolates – This beloved chocolate brand, whose most popular are Moonbits, is definitely one we’d love to see in shelves again.
  • Bazooka gum – Remember when you unwrapped this sweet, delicious gum and you got to read a mini-comic? We know kids these days would love it, too.
  • Tofi Luk – This chocolate, which reminds us a lot of Twix, is one of the sweet treats we really miss.
  • Tarzan – This bubblegum, which came in neon wrappers, is one of the 80s treats we really miss.

What childhood snacks do you miss aside from Cream-O Premium? Let us know below!

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Bianchi Mendoza