11 Ways To Use Your Sponge (Other Than Cleaning)

11 Ways To Use Your Sponge (Other Than Cleaning)11 Ways To Use Your Sponge (Other Than Cleaning)

Instead of throwing them away, use them to improve your house in small but effective ways!

The sponge is the dirtiest object in your entire household. That’s right – it’s even filthier than your toilet seat! But it should come as no surprise when you think about how much bacteria it stores up from food waste. Plus it’s always damp. It’s recommended to change your sponge at least once per week. But if you don’t like to throw things away before they’re fully used, then you can try these different creative uses for sponges and enjoy life hacks like never before!

11 creative uses for sponges to get the most out of the foamy rectangles

1. Fool-proof watering for plants

creative uses for sponges

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Indoor plants bring the outdoors in and can liven your office without cluttering the space. They can also ward off pesky mosquitoes to keep dengue at bay. But their aesthetic value and usefulness end as soon as they die. If you don’t take care of them, they will wilt and die prematurely. But did you know that overwatering plants is harmful to the greenery?

Adding too much water prevents the plants from breathing through their roots. This leads to the lower leaves turning yellow and the plant looking wilted.

That’s where creative uses for sponges comes into play! Simply cut out a section of sponge to sit nicely at the bottom of the plant pot. Place the sponge at the bottom before loading the soil and plant in on top. The sponge absorbs excess water so to help our oxygen-producing mosquito-deterring green friends regulate water levels better.

2. Shock-absorbing padding for fragile items

Don’t have bubble wrap but need to deliver a fragile item? Put old sponges to use as makeshift shock-absorbing padding.

Just dampen the sponge and cut it into smaller pieces so they fit snugly around the item. The sponge will conform to the shapes and spaces once they dry out.

3. Grip padding

creative uses for sponges

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If you’re quite handy but often find your hands beaten up when working, then try this DIY cushioning. Wrap the dry sponge around the handle of your garden or DIY tools to prevent callouses. Keep it in place with elastic bands.

Creative uses for sponges include protection for you as well!

4. Nail-polish removal jar – DIY style

creative uses for sponges

Image | Floating In dreams

Looking for a fast and reliable way to get rid of last month’s nail polish? Just take a mason jar and fill it with a sponge (cut to size). Make a slight incision in the middle of the sponge once it’s in the jar.

Pour a generous portion of nail varnish removal solution on the sponge. Then simply dip your fingers into the hole you made earlier. Et voila! As simple as that, your fingers are polish-free.

5. Ice pack

creative uses for sponges

Image | thekitch.com

For one of the more creative uses for sponges, try using it as an ice pack. Simply soak a sponge with water, put it into a ziplock bag, and freeze it. When you take it out and use it as an ice pack to soothe bruises or knocks you’ve picked up, you won’t need to worry about the mess. The ice that melts becomes water stays in the bag and gets absorbed by the sponge.

It’s a self-sustaining system that requires no extra effort and no money spent on an expensive branded ice pack!

6. Arts and crafts material

creative uses for sponges

Image | Kids Craft Room

Kids can use old sponges as materials for their creative projects. The sponge can form terrain for bigger projects or be the toes of a monster foot (just glue them onto a tissue box).

You can also repurpose the sponge to make rainbow paintings. Simply add a few colours onto the sponge and let your child smear it across an empty canvas.

7. Absorb humidity in the fridge

Humidity is required throughout the fridge, but it can cause perishable goods that release ethylene gas to rot quicker (like oranges, apples). One of the creative uses for sponges is to help regulate the humidity to prevent your fruits and vegetables from spoiling faster than expected. Simply leave the dry sponge in the compartment where you store fruits and vegetables.

8. Planting seeds

creative uses for sponges

Image | One Good Thing By Jillee

A creative use for sponges is to create a mini greenhouse to help seeds sprout.

Simply put the dry sponge on top of a plate. Then embed your seeds on top of the sponge while giving them enough space so they don’t compete with each other. Enclose the sponge with a glass bowl and place it in a spot with plenty of sunlight.

9. Scratch-proof protection for fragile items

creative uses for sponges

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There’s nothing more frustrating than our valuable ornaments getting nicks and scratches. Avoid these minor damages by using sponges as adhesive buffers. Just cut a sponge into smaller pieces and use double sided tape to stick it to the bottom of ornaments or fragile items.

10. Helps to remove wallpaper

When it’s time to remove wallpaper, the glue is hard to remove. You can soak a sponge and go over the wallpaper a few times to soften it up so it’s easier to remove.

11. Sealer for envelopes

creative uses for sponges

Image | Airfreshener Club

Licking all of those envelopes for birthday invites, Christmas cards or thank you notes can be daunting, if not unhygienic. Instead of risking a paper cut on your tongue (ouch!), wet a sponge and use it to apply moisture to the seals.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong