Declutter for the new year, where you should start

Declutter for the new year, where you should startDeclutter for the new year, where you should start

Out with the old! Time to make space!

With the start of a new year, you also want to begin with a clean slate. Whether your New Year’s resolutions involve losing weight, saving more money or eating healthier, it all starts from home. The best way to begin with your resolutions is to remove the old to make room for the new. Here are our top 10 tips on how to declutter your home everyone should try for a great start to the year.

10 ways to declutter your home 

1. Throw away old holiday decorations

declutter your home

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As you’re taking down overdue reminders of the festive season, keep an eye out for any outdated or broken ornaments and decor. By throwing them away now, you save yourself a lot of time when it’s time to set up shop for Christmas this year.

2. Go paperless

Do you own a smartphone? If you do, you can practically run the whole house through a push a button on your phone. Having too many paper trails can stack up in no time. Throw away your children’s homework from years ago, or completed to-do lists. If there’s anything you need urgently, just download it to your phone or take a picture of it for future reference.

3. Clothes you don’t (or can’t!) wear

Decluttering means there is little room for sentimentality. That jumper you used to love wearing but hasn’t seen the light of day in years? It’s time to go. Any clothes that don’t fit or you just don’t wear anymore can be donated to charity or sold so you can declutter your home.

4. Clear out the pantry

declutter your home

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Do you hoard a lot of long-lasting ingredients and food for unexpected emergencies? Clearing out the pantry is a great way to declutter your home and prepare for your New Year’s resolutions of healthier eating. Update your food inventory with things you will actually use.

5. Chuck last year’s calendar

The past couple of weeks was probably hectic for you, visiting houses and preparing presents. It’s easy to forget about last year’s calendar that’s hung up on the wall or sits on your desk. Before you complete the transfer of years and throw away the old one, remember to make a note of important future dates.

6. Change your bedding

Have you been sleeping as well as you’d like? We spend a third of our lives sleeping. And if you haven’t had a good night’s rest in a while, it’s time to change your bedding. Swap out old sheets, blankets and comforters that you’ve no use for and clean the ones that still have a purpose.

7. Ditch the outdated toys

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Your kids will have received so many new gadgets and toys. As they spend more time with their new gifts, take this chance to declutter your home of old toys by giving them away or throwing them in the bin. And while you’re at it, do the same for old arts and crafts materials, as well as sports gear.

8. Unwanted gifts

Is your home full of gifts that your family doesn’t want? Declutter your home by returning them to the shop with the gift receipt. If there isn’t a gift receipt, consider giving them away or donating the items. It might seem insensitive, but keeping them in your house unused won’t be any better.

9. Old cosmetic products

Are you looking to fully detox after Christmas? Clearing old beauty products past their best-by date is a good way to cleanse and declutter your home. You can also sort through your medicine cabinet and throw away any expired medications.

10. Unnecessary Cords and Chargers

declutter your home

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Don’t get tangled up! Those wires that are littered all over the table or filling up a drawer might have seemed necessary at the time of purchase. But if you’re not using it now, you don’t need it. Declutter your home by throwing away additional and unused wires or chargers. If they come with an accompanying electronic device like a phone, you could donate them.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong