9 stylish desks made for small space living

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Are you a tiny space dweller? These stylish desks can help you maximise it.

When thinking of the perfect at-home work desk, style and function are of utmost importance. When it comes to searching for the best desks for small spaces, the compact and cleverly designed to suit any aesthetic outshines the rest.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best desks for small spacesthat meet and exceed these criteria.

Stylish desks for small spaces: 11 Great ideas

1. Clear desk

A clear, lucite or tempered glass desk easily slips into a home without taking too much space. Best of all, it can be styled in a way that suits your taste, from luxe elegance to bohemian chic.

desks for small spaces

image: Courts Singapore

Where to get it: Courts Singapore

2. Floating desk

A floating desk can make practically any corner of the home into a productive workspace. Add floating shelves for books and pens for extra storage and convenience.

desks for small spaces

images: hodyo.design and urbansize_home Instagram accounts

You can get something similar at: Ikea Singapore

3. Double-duty desk

For the coupled and those living with roommates a double-duty desk with multiple shelves is the best bet. Though you might have to sacrifice a bit of leg room, the way it doesn’t take up much space more than makes up for it. You can also invest in a desk that extends when needed

desks for small spaces

image: Ikea Singapore

Where to get it: Ikea Singapore

5. Storage-packed desk

Storage space is a small space dweller’s best friend. So it’s best to have them anywhere you can, including your work desk. Even the tiniest desks for small spacescan have a lot to offer in terms of storage, so be smart about choosing the best one.

desks for small spaces

Where to get it: Courts Singapore

6. Built-in desk

What better way to maximise your tiny work area than with a stylish desk that’s built into your space? Though desks can’t be moved around, they more than make up for it in their flexibility to blend into any corner of your tiny space.

Where to get something similar done: SuoFeiYa Singapore

7. Foldable desk

One of the best desks for small spacesare the kind you can easily stow away and move around. Foldable desks are great at this. Plus, they’re pretty affordable, too.

desks for small spaces

images: thebluedoorhouseandgarden and gethoeked Instagram accounts

Where to get something similar: FortyTwo SG

8. Rolling desk

Much like a foldable desk, a rolling desk allows you to customise your workspace. They’re also lightweight, making it easier to move and pretty affordable. Because who doesn’t want a clever buy and a good deal?

Where to get something similar: FurnitureSG

Where to get something similar: FurnitureSG

9. Standing desk

Not only will a standing desk maximise your small space, it can also promote a healthier lifestyle. As they say, “sitting is the new smoking.”

You can get something similar at: ErgoEdge Singapore

Did we miss out on any great desks for small spaces? Let us know in the comments below!

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