15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher

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Cook a whole meal in your dishwasher?

Normally we would only use a dishwasher to clean plates and utensils in the kitchen. But the following dishwasher tips will really show you how to maximise your machine to it’s fullest potential. Here are 15 other ways you can make your appliance work for you.

15 dishwasher tips you probably weren’t aware of

1. Salmon in a bag / Salmon in parchment paper

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Who says you need a sous vide machine to make poached salmon?? All you need to do is put salmon fillets with olive oil, lemon or lime juice, salt and pepper, into parchment paper then wrapped tightly in foil. Place them in the top rack of the dishwasher and run a normal cycle without soap (obviously), then remove and enjoy your meal. Careful when you open the packets! Those things are hot!

2. Rinse your groceries

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Don’t bother washing your fruits and veggies one by one. Rinse all of them at the same time in the dishwasher instead. Arrange the more fragile ones on the top rack, like tomatoes and peaches. Then other produce like potatoes and apples can go on the bottom rack. Set your dishwasher to cold and then run a rinse cycle sans detergent.

3. Steam veggies

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Place your vegetables into a jar and add a tiny bit of water. Don’t forget to season your veggies well before sealing the jar shut. Place the jar on the top rack and then run a normal cycle. Great way to have last minute fuss-free veggies while getting the cleanup done!

4. Clean your makeup brushes

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If you’re not too fused about washing things that are not food related in the same machine then this one is for you. Makeup brushes, keys, hats, nail clippers, hairbrushes and combs can all go in there. Question is, do you really want to?

5. As a food warmer

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If the oven is not free and you need somewhere to keep your food warm, try the dishwasher! Just turn the heat/dry cycle on without any water and your food will stay warm until you are ready to serve.

6. To keep your plates warm before serving.

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Likewise, if you need to serve food on warm plates. The same concept applies if its just the plates you want kept warm.

7. As storage

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Don’t throw away your dishwasher if it is faulty and no longer works. It still works great as a storage place with the racks and trays in place. Just treat it as your built-in cabinet.

8. To disinfect things

15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher

Children’s toys are known to be covered in bacteria, saliva and goodness know what. You can disinfect them in the washing machine if it has a temperature setting, otherwise, the dishwasher would work just as well. Larger toys go on the bottom rack, medium toys on the top rack, and smaller toys and figurines can go in the silverware basket. Set the setting to a light wash do not use the heated dry option or you might risk melting the toys.

9. As a cooking spray shield

15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher
Ever used cooking spray and ended up with oil everywhere? A great way to avoid that is to use your dishwasher door as a “catcher”. Open your dishwasher door and hold your cooking pan above it when spraying. Any extras will land on the inside of the door instead of all over your kitchen but that’s okay because you’re going to do washing later anyways.

10. Cook lasagne

15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher
In a pinch, you can totally do this with a dishwasher provided you use a baking dish with a watertight cover and if you’re totally okay with cooked noodles and melted cheese with no browning or crispy bits. You will definitely get better results doing this in the oven, but of course why not if it is just for a bit of fun.

11. Cook buttery lobster tails.

15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher
Almost like poaching in fat, you can totally cook your lobster in a dishwasher. To ensure your lobster tails cook evenly, de-shell, de-vein and cut the tail in half before putting them into a sealable jar with some butter. Run a wash cycle, then enjoy a deliciously cooked lobster.

12. Ripen avocados

15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher

Need a trick to ripen your avocados real quick? Put them in the top rack of the dishwasher and run it through one cycle. Let us know if this works!

13. Clean your plastic flowers

15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher

Another non-food related clean up that can be done in the dishwasher. And if you knew how tedious it is to clean plastic flowers, you actually might consider this from the other dishwasher tips. Put them in the top rack of your dishwasher and close one eye.

14. Dry hand-washed dishes

15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher

I know you’re going to say aiyoh why bother. But if you think about Asian cooking which involves rice and sticky things, sometimes the only way to go is to really scrub them by hand. But if you live in small places with no room for them to dry, stuff them in the dishwasher and run the dry cycle. And if you need them to dry extra fast, open your dishwasher door slightly during the dry cycle.

15. Cook perfect soft boiled egg

15 Ways to maximise your dishwasher

If tips on how to cook the perfect egg are all not working for you then try doing it in the dishwasher. Put your eggs into a glass container filled with water and heat it in the dishwasher for about an hour at about 20 degrees Celsius. It is quite failproof even though it takes up so much time. You should end up with soft white eggs with a slightly creamy yolk.

Did you know any of the dishwasher tips mentioned above?

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