4 DIY marble room decor projects

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You won’t believe what we used to make this faux marble print

Marble is a classic look that doesn’t go out of style. Nowadays, it’s found not only on countertops or tabletops, but also on anything from notebooks to phone cases. We’ll show you you a fun and easy way to make your own DIY marble room decor using a surprising tool: shaving cream!

We have to warn you though, once you’ve made your first marbled print, you might find it addicting. It’s quite fun to experiment with, as you never know how it’s going to come out; we soon found ourselves wanting to marble every blank piece of cloth or paper in the house!

DIY Marble Room Decor Ideas To Add Personality to Your Home

1. Marbled Throw Pillow

Cover a piece of illustration board or foam board with a clear plastic garbage bag to make your work surface. You may also use a plastic tray for smaller pieces like sticker paper.

Prepare your throw pillow cover by placing a sheet of paper inside, to prevent the paint bleeding through. Place the pillow cover on top of the plastic and trace a square, with a little allowance.

Apply shaving cream (not the gel type, foam only) evenly all over inside the square.

Use a ruler to flatten and smooth it out, applying more shaving cream to empty spots as needed.

Mix together black textile paint and water, in about equal amounts, in a small container, until the paint is runny enough to pour. Pour into a squirt bottle. Squirt paint in streaks over the shaving cream. (Or, you can also use a paintbrush by dipping it in the paint and flinging streaks onto the foam.)

Now for the fun part! Use a plastic card or your fingers to smear the paint into squiggles and streaks. Tip: Google a few pictures of actual marble for reference and inspiration. You can go from very subtle, with pale veins of light colored paint, to bold and strong.

Add finer details with more paint and the edge of the card or a paintbrush. Experiment until you’re happy with how your faux marble looks.

When you’re ready, fold the pillow cover in half like a triangle, then lay the fold diagonally into the shaving cream, letting the sides drop down flat into the shaving cream.

Pat down and smooth it out, making sure the whole surface of the pillow touches the shaving cream. Leave a few minutes, for the paint to soak in.

Take a corner of the pillow cover and lift it off the shaving cream. (You can still reuse the shaving cream, so don’t throw it away just yet!)

Take a ruler and scrape off the excess shaving cream, but try not to touch the surface of the pillow so the paint won’t smear. Wipe the shaving cream off the ruler periodically. Leave it somewhere safe to dry. When completely dry, iron it at the hottest that the pillow cover can handle. This will help set the paint. Hand wash inside out in mild soap and leave to dry. Now all that’s left is to insert the throw pillow and enjoy your first DIY marble room decor project!

Next up, we’ll use the leftover shaving cream and add some new colors to make some more marble prints, but this time on paper. Here are some tips first:

Make sure to use thick paper (such as watercolor paper or cardstock) that is not coated or shiny, as it will not absorb the paint well. Sticker paper works great for this, plus it’s easy to apply – just peel and stick. This is what we used for the next three projects.

You can use acrylic paint, watercolor, or poster paint for paper. The only rule is that the paint must be well mixed and runny, so add water if needed. Otherwise you’ll end up with thick gobs of paint, not very marble-like!

We reused the leftover shaving cream, now mostly gray, and added streaks of purple and blue acrylic paint.

Lay the sticker paper white side down into the shaving cream, and press it down well. Leave a minute and peel off the sheet. You can use a ruler to scrape off the excess, or simply leave it to dry, as the shaving cream will just dissolve.

Your print is now ready to use for the following DIY marble room decor projects!

Here are some DIY marble room decor projects to try with the marbled paper:

2. Marble Wall Clock

This DIY will turn even the cheapest of clocks into a marbled home accent that looks a whole better than its original form. First, take an old or cheap clock.

Then take apart the face of the clock by unscrewing all the screws. Carefully take out each arm of the clock, taking note of the order in which they were placed.

Take out the cardboard clock face. We’ll use this a template.

Trace the clock face onto the back of your marble-printed sticker paper and cut out.

Place back in the clock, then carefully put back the clock hands. Finally, replace the cover and screw everything back in place.

Your clock is done!

3. DIY Marbled Print Picture Frame Background

This is a super simple way to add a bit of DIY marble room decor to your home. All you need is a picture frame and some photos. Remove the backing of a frame and stick the marbled paper onto it. Arrange and stick on the photo/photos with some tape.

Replace in the frame, and you’ve got a marbled accent for an otherwise plain picture frame. It also makes for a great gift idea!

4. Votive/Candle Holder

We found a gold-accented votive for this project. Gold and marble go great together, giving an otherwise simple piece some personality.

For this DIY, first we’ve got to make a template for the outside of your glass. Take a piece of paper and wrap it around the glass.

Trace the top and bottom edges with a pen or pencil, as well as a line going straight down the side of the glass, where the paper overlaps.

Cut off the excess, and trim the template until it covers the glass precisely.

Your template is now ready for use. Lay your template on the back of the marbled sticker paper and trace, then cut out. We cut a little bit extra off the top to show off the gold trim of our glass votive.

Lastly, peel and stick the marbled paper carefully onto the votive.

And your votive is done. Use it to accent a coffee table or dining area.

Happy marbling!


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