4 DIY mini planters to make from repurposed materials

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You’ll be surprised to find out what these cute planters are made from

Do you love plants? Do you hate to let anything go to waste? Well, then this is the do-it-yourself project for you! It’s time to start collecting all those plastic straws and takeout containers, because we’re going to show you how to turn them into these great looking DIY mini planters for your air plants and succulents.

DIY Mini Planters: 4 Ways to make them using repurposed materials

1. Hanging geometric planter

What You’ll Need:

  • Hard Plastic Straws
  • Scissors
  • Thin Wire
  • Spray Paint (optional)
  • Twine or string for hanging

Don’t throw away those straws!

juice box straws

Collect your used hard straws for this DIY. You can use the small straws from juice or milk boxes to make a small planter or regular-sized straws for a bigger one. You’ll need 25 short pieces and 5 long pieces, with the long pieces being 3 times as long as the short pieces. For example, If you’re using regular-sized straws, cut out 25 two-inch pieces and 5 six-inch pieces. If you’re using small juice/milk box straws, you can then cut out 25 one-inch pieces and 5 three-inch pieces.

First we cut the straws into 25 short pieces.

Then we cut the 5 long pieces.

Tip: always use the same piece of straw as a guide: just line up the straw you’re going to cut with the guide straw and snip to size; because this way, you’ll get more uniform straws.

We’ll Make You A Star!

The base of this geometric planter is actually a star. To put it together, we’ll need to use thin wire. You can use floral wire (like we did), gardening wire or twist tie wire, which you can find in the gardening section of the hardware store.

First, take 5 pieces of the short straws and thread onto the wire.

Next, twist the wire shut to form a hexagon.

Cut off the excess wire and tuck the ends into the straws to hide them.

Cut five pieces of wire (17 inches long for regular-sized straws and 9 inches long for small straws). Take one wire and pass it through one straw on the hexagon.

Center the wire in the short straw and bend it outward so it looks like the point of a star. Repeat this process with the remaining 4 straws.

Next, we will be making the points of the star. Insert 2 short straws on the wires.

Then twist together the wire ends to secure.

Repeat on the remaining points to make a star.

Forming a Basket Shape

Now we’ll form the part that holds the plant. At this point you should have a star with two wires sticking out of each point. Insert the remaining short straws on all ten wires. It will now look like a star with “V” coming out of each point.

Now we need to connect the “V” to the one next to to it, which will make it form a point. Twist together the wires to secure.

Doing this will also draw it together into the basket shape.

Now It’s Teardrop Time

Hold on, we are almost done! You should have two wires sticking out of each point in the basket. Twist these together into one single wire.

Now it’s time to use the long straws. Take two of the long straws and insert them on two wires beside each other.

Twist the two long straws together at the ends to make a long point. Repeat with the next two straws.

Next, insert the last long straw on the remaining wire.

Put the ends together to form the final teardrop shape. Twist all the wires together (or you may also choose to keep the single straw open first, to make it easier to put the plant inside.)

And now you are pretty much done! You did it! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Finishing Up

A few coats of spray paint makes for a nice finish, and will make it look a lot less like straws! The teal planter was originally red, which is probably the most common hard straw colour. We chose to spray paint the white straws with a white matte finish, to give it a powder coated look.

Once the paint is dry, you can insert your plant. We used the lid of an empty can of spray paint on the teal planter to act as a pot.

Finally, twist the wires shut and tie or hot glue some twine, rope, or chain to the top, and your planter is ready to hang.

2. Mini Planter Stands

What You’ll Need:

  • Large Bubble Tea Straws
  • Hard Plastic Straws
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray Paint (optional)

Love Bubble Tea? Keep the straws!

For this next DIY mini planter project, you’ll need to collect some big bubble tea straws, as well as regular-sized ones. Take a small potted plant or succulent and measure it against the bubble tea straw to determine how tall you’d like your planter to be. Then, cut four big bubble tea straws to the height you want.

Next, we’re going to use a regular-sized straw to make the base of the stand. First, mark where you’d like the base to be on a big straw. Line up the big straws and repeat the mark on the remaining three straws. Then use a glue gun to melt holes in the big straws just big enough for a regular-sized straw to fit. Make sure to wipe off the tip of your glue gun with a thick folded-over paper towel to clean off the melted plastic after melting the holes.

Then, insert a regular-sized straw in the hole.

Now, we have to determine where to cut the straw. This will depend on the width of your pot. Lay your pot on the straws and put another big straw across it. Mark where the regular straw hits the outer edge of the big straw.This is where you’ll cut it.

Cut the straw.

Insert it into the big straw.

Make the other half of the stand by cutting another straw the same length and inserting it in the remaining 2 big straws.

First We Make Two “H”‘s:

Next, we need to put these two halves of the planter stand together in an “X” shape and mark where the straws overlap in the middle. Cut off this middle portion.

Then you’ll end up with these:

Now It’s Time to Form an “X”!

Apply some hot glue.

Stick it to the middle, holding it in place until the glue cools and dries.

Repeat with the other piece:

We’re almost done! Finally, turn the planter stand upside down and apply a big glob of hot glue in the center of the “X”. This will strengthen and stabilize the join. Leave to cool and dry.

Once dry, you can opt to spray paint the stands or leave as is. Insert the plant pots and you’re done! You can also hot glue the stand directly to the bottom of your plant pot for added stability.

3. Hanging Planters

What You’ll Need:

  • Plastic Yogurt Pots, 3 pieces
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • White Glue
  • Twine
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic Paint

For this next set of DIY mini planters, we’ll be using plastic yogurt pots. Look for the kind with plastic corners sticking out of them, so that we have space to make holes in and attach the strings to.

Next, apply some white glue along the top, below the lip of the plastic.

Press some twine into the glue.

Keep applying glue and winding on twine until the pot is covered.

The, using acrylic paint, paint a white band along the top.

Then, paint a coloured band along the bottom. Leave to dry.

Use the tip of your hot glue gun to melt a hole in the plastic corner. Just push it carefully against the plastic, holding the yogurt pot firmly, until you feel it start to give.

Use a screwdriver to push out the excess plastic before it hardens again.

Then, repeat this in all corners, as well as on the 2 remaining yogurt pots.

Cut out four pieces of twine about a yard long. Take one string and thread through the hole.

Make a double knot in the end and pull through.

Make another knot on top. Repeat on the remaining three corners. Then mark where you want the next pot to be, roughly 7 or 8 inches above. Make knots at the same spot on all four strings, then insert the pot. Repeat for the last pot. Finally, knot all four strings together, then cut off the excess. Your triple planter is now ready to hang!


4. Air Plant Wall Sconces

Now, it’s quite easy to find a way to reuse a plastic cup: but what about those domed covers? Here’s an unexpected idea: turn them into wall sconces! These DIY mini planters are particularly suited for air plants though, as they won’t be able to hold soil or anything heavy. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

  • Domed cup cover
  • Round or oval flat plastic lid
  • Scissors
  • Super Glue
  • Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint
  • Double-sided mounting tape, magnet or thumbtack for hanging

First, we’ll need to cut a hole in the top of the domed cup lid. This hole needs to be off center. Take a glass or cup to use as a template and place it on the domed lid. Slide the glass until it’s about 1/2 away from the edge of the domed lid.

Then, trace it with a permanent marker.

Here you can see that the circle is off center:

Time to Trim

Next, we’ll need to cut it out with a sharp pair of scissors.

Then, cut out the plastic around the base, the part that attaches the lid to the cup. Leave a little bit of the flat part, as this will help us attach the dome later on.

Next, we’ll take our round flat plastic lid. We used the one from a salad container, but you can use any kind, like a lid from a takeout container or an ice cream tub. Cut the lid off the container, if it’s still attached, trimming off any extra pieces as needed. Then, apply super glue to the edges of your domed lid.

Then, stick it near the bottom of the round plastic lid, making sure the hole is facing up. Press it gently and lightly so that all edges are sticking to the lid. Leave to dry.

To make the small one, we used the packaging of a chocolate surprise egg, the kind that comes with a small toy, and the lid of a cream cheese container.

To finish it off, spray paint the sconce, or paint it with acrylic paint (like we did with the smaller one). Then leave it to dry.

Lastly, to mount it, stack a few pieces of double-sided foam tape at the back, or attach a magnet (for use on a fridge or white board) or a thumbtack (for use on a cork board).

We hope you found this do-it-yourself project fun! Why not try to make it today?

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