Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

Try these easy holiday cocktails!

Remember our earlier post on non-alcoholic Christmas drink ideas for your non-drinking guests? Well, here’s the flip side of things that is guaranteed to have your guest loosening up after a drink or two. But since we either go big or go home, here are some boozy inspirations this Christmas, supersize style.

Supersized easy holiday cocktails

1.  Red grapefruit sparkler

easy holiday cocktails

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To start you’re going to need a trifle bowl, preferably a large sized one. Then stir together grapefruit juice, white wine and spiced rum. In a pinch, blood orange could be a great alternative if you can’t get red grapefruit. Top with ice and garnish with thinly sliced grapefruits and rosemary sprigs.

2.  Red grapefruit sparkler

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

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Combine blood orange juice, chilled blackberry soda, 1 cup rum and lime juice into a pitcher filled with ice. Choose this option if you don’t have a sweet tooth or if you don’t want your drink to be overly sweet. Garnish with a cup of fresh blackberries and thin slices of blood orange. Serve immediately.

3.  Rosemary baby!

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

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First, you will need to steep sprigs of rosemary in a bottle of Aperol at room temp and strain it after 3 hours. Mix in a separate cup some honey and warm water until combined. Next, mix in bourbon and the honey syrup together with the rosemary infused Aperol. Top up with sparkling wine and soda water. Add thinly sliced grapefruit and some more rosemary sprigs as garnish and serve with ice.

4.  Knockout bourbon punch

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

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Start making this easy Christmas cocktail by letting cinnamon sticks steep overnight in bourbon before straining. Mix equal parts of ginger juice, lemon juice and unsweetened cranberry juice. Stir sugar into the juices until completely dissolved. Pour the juice, Madeira, and cinnamon-infused bourbon into a punch bowl and stir. Top with sparkling water and stir well. Grate a healthy amount of nutmeg—about a quarter of the whole—on top. It is strong while the spices and garnishing of mint and cranberry make it look really festive.

5.  Mulled wine

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

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The traditional way to make mulled wine is to make this over the stove but for convenience sake and when making in big batches you can also use a pressure cooker or instant pot. What you’re hoping to achieve here is to heat it up so that the flavours and spices can all meld together, while being careful not to cook off the alcohol. So a gentle simmer is fine but never let it boil. Pour in a cheap bottle of dry red wine, then add orange rounds, cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise and some sugar, honey or even maple syrup is fine too. You can cook this anywhere from 15 minutes up till 3 hours before straining the bits out. Serve warm as is or you can spike it even more with your preferred liquor.

6.  Eggnog

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

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This decadent festive drink starts by tempering egg yolks and sugar with simmered milk, cream and liquor. Whisky everything until it becomes light and fluffy.  Then it needs to sit in the fridge for at least one hour. The more liquor you add in, the longer it will last in the fridge and it will also thicken with time. Just before serving you will need to whisk up some egg whites until stiff peaks and fold that into your egg yolk boozy mixture. And since you’re working with raw eggs in this drink, be sure to use the freshest organic eggs or use pasteurised ones. Consider another drink if you have any health issues.

7.  Blood orange sangria

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

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Sangria is favourite punch for many and to keep things festive blood orange is used. It is super easy to throw together and isn’t a drink that’s only limited to summer. In a large pitcher, punch bowl or treacle bowl, combine wine, brandy, freshly squeezed blood orange juice, soda water, apples, strawberries, raspberries and thinly sliced blood oranges. Stir well to combine. If you want to do a sugar rim on your serving glass, zest the skin of one orange and mix it in with sugar.  Run a lemon, lime or orange slice around the rim of each glass then dunk them in the sugar, making sure to coat it well.

8.  Peppermint vodka shot chocolate

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

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This super colourful and festive drink requires you to dissolve candy canes in vodka in an airtight jar for 12 hours. Make your hot chocolate as per normal, making sure not to scald your milk. When cool enough to drink add in the peppermint vodka to your hot chocolate. Garnish with whipped cream and sprinkle on top some crushed peppermint  to add a pop of colour.

9. Earl Grey Gin Punch

Jumbo holiday cocktails that would get everyone drunk

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The last drink on the list is definitely my pick as it combines two of my favourite things which are Gin and Earl Grey tea. It starts off with a cold brew of Earl Grey tea which can be made from steeping 4 bags of the tea in cold water and leaving it in the fridge for about 10 hours. Remove the tea bags. Mix in the Gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar and bitters into the punch bowl followed by your cold tea. Serve with ice and garnish with anise-spiked lemons, and mint leaves. For an added aesthetic look throw in some frozen grapes.


Just how simple were these easy holiday cocktails? A good tip to remember is to add the ice in later if you’re making these drinks ahead of time. The reason for this is so you do not risk watering them down or these easy holiday cocktails would lose their kick. And of course, while it is the holidays and everyone is having a great time drinking and partying, always remember to drink responsibly.


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Rosanna Chio