5 easy potluck recipes for Christmas parties

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Make the holidays more delightfully special by bringing these tasty meals to your next Christmas party.

Christmas is truly a time for giving and a big part of the season is sharing delicious food, whether you're hosting or bringing a dish to a potluck Christmas party. So it's great to have easy potluck recipes in your kitchen repertoire to  delight your family and friends.

Here are five delicious and easy potluck recipes, courtesy of our friends at Sharefood.

Easy potluck recipes for your next Christmas party

1. Christmas Baked Turkey with Bacon

This mouthwatering take on a traditional Christmas dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It's juicy, flavourful and best of all, it's easy to make. You just need some boneless turkey breast, bacon, sage, salt and pepper and about two hours to prepare and bake this dish.

Learn how to make Christmas Baked Turkey with Bacon by watching the video below.

2. Guinness Shepherd's Pie

This different take on a hearty comfort food makes use of creamy mashed potatoes, minced beef, cheese, vegetables, and herbs infused with a Guinness stout that deepens and intensifies the flavour of the dish.

Learn how to make Guinness Shepherd's Pie by watching the video below.

3. Carbonara with Mushroom and Chicken

This take on the classic carbonara might have done away with the bacon, but what it lacks in crunch it more than makes up for in texture, thanks to some juicy, diced chicken and mushrooms.

Learn how to make Cheesy Carbonara with Mushroom and Chicken by watching the video below.

4. Oven-Baked Chicken Nugget with Mozzarella Cheese

This delicious, nutritious dish is great for guests of all ages--even kids will love it. Best of all, baking instead of deep-frying nuggets makes it juicier, crispier and less oily. You can have fun with the sauces, too and bring different dips to delight each guests' varying preferences.

For this recipe, you will need chicken breasts, flour, parmesan, mozzarella and eggs. It only takes 40 minutes.

Learn how to make Oven-Baked Chicken Nugget with Mozzarella Cheese by watching the video below. 

5. Bread Pudding

This simple take on a classic favourite is easy even for newbie cooks. It's comforting and delicious; it can be served hot or cold. To make the pudding, you will need bread, fresh milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and ground cinnamon with a creamy custard sauce dollop of vanilla ice cream. Best of all, it only takes less than an hour to make.

Learn how to make Bread Pudding by watching the video below.

This article was made in partnership with Sharefood Singapore. We hope these recipes help make your next Christmas party more fun. There's more on Sharefood's Facebook page!

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