9 unique bouquet ideas to actually make Valentine's Day exciting again

9 unique bouquet ideas to actually make Valentine's Day exciting again9 unique bouquet ideas to actually make Valentine's Day exciting again

Struggling how to turn Valentine's Day interesting? Change up some of the classic elements. Let's start with the flowers.

No wonder people say romance is dead. Receiving roses and flowers is a complete beige fest and in this day and age, isn’t cutting it. If you want to put the spark back into Valentine’s Day, hint towards your other half that an injection of fun is needed. And nothing says fun like an edible bouquet.

9 edible bouquet ideas to give for Valentine’s Day in Singapore

1. Cupcake bouquet

edible bouquet

Image | Instagram screengrab (@cakerholicsg)

The closest things to real flowers, except they satisfy any sweet cravings! And the best thing is you can order as many “flowers” to give as large a colour spread as possible!

Place your order for an edible bouquet of cupcakes with Cakerholic SG.

2. Chocolate bouquet

edible bouquet

Image | Golden Tulips Atelier

Flowers and chocolates? Why not both?

Give the ultimate sweet feast to the sweetest lady with an edible bouquet made of your favourite cookies and chocolates.

3. Candy flower bouquet

edible bouquet

Image | Sugarfina

This cute edible bouquet looks like it was plucked from the set of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!

4. Fruit bouquet

edible bouquet

Image | Instagram screengrab (@ediblearrangements)

Another way to get everyone colour under the sun is with a fruit arrangement. Go to town and make pretty flowers and heart shapes.

5. Churros bouquet

edible bouquet

Image | Instagram screengrab (@churrosfactory)

If both of you love to snack, then this edible bouquet will seal the deal on Valentine’s Day. Fluffy warm fritters are dusted with sugar and asking to be eaten. Churros Factory will be happy to oblige if you want to place an order!

6. Macaron bouquet

The only thing that might be sweeter than receiving macarons so delicately arranged are the Italian pastries themselves!

7. Chicken bouquet

edible bouquet

Image | Facebook screengrab (@thesgbeast)

We left this open since you can literally put any part of the chicken that you want! We went with chicken nuggets here because you can fit more in, and sharing is caring! It’s super to easy to make yourself as well. But if you want a pro to work their magic, The Beast makes a pretty good bouquet. It’ll leave you saying “I donut know what I’d do without you!”

8. Vegetable bouquet

edible bouquet

Image | Floral Garage

Floral Garage makes the most gorgeous arrangement of vegetables. A great gift to receive when your partner wants to support you with your healthy lifestyle.

9. Chocolate strawberries

edible bouquet

Image | Instagram screengrab (@rainbowlysg)

Strawberries and chocolate are classic Valentine’s fare. So when receiving from your beloved with a unique edible bouquet that’s as pretty as delicious, you’re bound to be impressed!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong