10 unique but elegant lighting that make fine additions to any home

10 unique but elegant lighting that make fine additions to any home10 unique but elegant lighting that make fine additions to any home

Get some home lighting inspirations from these examples

Home lighting plays a very important role when it comes to interior design. Of course, furniture and other fixtures are just as important, but only really good lighting can set the mood and add that special touch to the room.

Just imagine what it would be like to add a cold hard white light in a warm-toned room. It would totally ruin the whole design.

But when it is done correctly and with the right light fixtures, it could completely transform a plain looking room into something really grand.

Therefore, you should consider your home lighting as a long-term investment. Don’t rush it, instead take your time when selecting choice pieces. Here are some home lighting inspirations that are truly unique and would make fine additions to any home.

Modern home lighting inspirations

1. Modular Touch Wall Light

home lighting

Image | heliostouch

This modular touch wall light allows you to design any freeform shape you want with their hexagon panels. You are in control of how many you wish to illuminate just by touch. You can set the mood by only turning on what you want with a swipe of your hands. We guarantee your guests would be super impressed.

2. Raindrop Chandelier

home lighting

Image | almondesign

Grand chandeliers might look super outdated to those who prefer a more modern approach when it comes to their home designs. But not when you pair your modern space with an equally modernized version of the good stuff like these raindrop chandeliers that really scream understated lux.

3. Concrete lamps

house lighting

Image | mr.kracy

Believe it or not, these concrete lamps are all the rage. There’s just something about the industrial look that appeals to many. Even though concrete finishing might seem cold and stonelike on its own, but when it is paired with something more delicate the result is something really unique and one of a kind.

4. Minimalist Rotating Reading Wall Lamp

home lighting

Image | em_ily5715

Are you a fan of minimalist design? Then this bedside wall light is for you. Clean lines and turns on when you tilt it, we can’t think of a better addition.

5. Boozy lights

home lighting

Image | tonffeetonffee

What better way to upcycle your used bottles and turn them into these beautiful creations? Not only do they add a rustic look, but they can also really jazz up your mini bar at home.

6. Industrial lights

house lighting

Image | well_lit_led

This home lighting option is probably more suitable for a more modern and industrial set up but quite honestly, handcrafted lights like these would fit anywhere whether in the sitting room or over a large dining table.

7. The halo chandelier

We love the simplicity yet elegant overall look of these halo lights. They would look beautiful hanging down from the ceiling at the stairs or even in the sitting room if your home has very high ceilings like some Asian celebs.

8. Kepler lights

home lighting

Image | innermostdesign

This super contemporary home lighting is truly unique and one of a kind. It’s widespread but muted brightness is great for creating that ambience of cosiness while keeping things really avant-garde and futuristic looking.

9. Leading lights

house lighting

Image | maisonsdumondeuk

Rustic yet simple these lights would really make a great accompaniment when it comes to homes that are Balinese themed. Its design is strong enough to hold its own when put alongside some home plants and wooden side tables.

10. Comet floor lamp

Although some unique pieces might be harder to incorporate into the more common areas in your room, you can still try other ways to include them. Try dedicating a little corner or allocate some space in your home office. They can serve as a standalone statement piece when their design is strong and masculine like these floor lamps.

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Written by

Rosanna Chio