5 family dinner favourites

5 family dinner favourites

Learn how to make these family favourites the next time you cook!

Is it your turn to cook but you're out of family dinner menu ideas? Well, there's nothing more full-proof than making family favourites for dinner.

Remember how you would have seconds when mum makes her famous curry? That's because sometimes people just miss the comfort of simple home cooking. There's just something nostalgic about family favourites that bring back fond memories when enjoyed with those you love. 

Below are 5 family dinner menu ideas made easy for you by Sharefood.

5 family dinner menu ideas in most Asian homes

1. ABC soup with radish noodles

Who doesn't know ABC soup? This is THE most staple soup in any Asian household and most of us would have grown up eating a variation of this soup. Each family might have a different take on it, but the basic ingredients always remain the same which consists of chicken stock, potatoes, carrot, Chinese celery or onions. It is hearty and delicious with a hint of sweetness from the vegetables simmering in the soup.

2. Assam pork

Can you imagine having this tasty indulgence in your mouth! Yes, it is pork belly but hey, we're not even going to count the calories on this one. This dish is the perfect balance of sweet, sour, spiciness and saltiness! Cooked until sticky and gooey, have this with some steaming hot fluffy rice and you'll be transported back to your younger self.

3. Nyonya chicken curry

Remember what we mentioned about having seconds when it comes to curries? Curries don't need any introduction at all. While it might be the hardest and most complicated to prepare among all the family dinner menu ideas mentioned, it does makeup in other ways. Because of its complexity, curries tend to be cooked in big batches. However, they DO keep really well and can be portioned and frozen for later. Besides, curries are one of those dishes that taste way better when left overnight. Check out how you can reinvent a whole new meal with some leftover curry chicken!

4. Assam steamed fish

You can already tell how much we love tamarind sauce because it is so versatile. But instead of pork, this time it is paired with a delicate fish. The tamarind sauce is infused with aromatics like garlic, ginger, chillies and spring onions poured over fish and them steamed gently until cooked. Soft flaky fish and a flavoursome sauce, you can be sure this dish will be a hit among many.

5. Chincalok omelette with sambal belachan

This simple omelette is simplest to do among the five family dinner menu ideas mentioned above. But do not be fooled by this simple dish! The added chinchalok or fermented small shrimps really gives the omelette the seasoning it needs plus a little extra umami flavour on the side. And if you still need a little boost of flavour, this dish is served with a spritz of lime juice and sambal belachan on the side.

This article is done in partnership with Sharefood Singapore. We hope you gained some family dinner menu ideas from Sharefood's videos. Family favourites are not always difficult and complicated so don't shy away from making these dishes! For more recipes like these, you can check out Sharefood on Facebook. 

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Rosanna Chio