13 iconic designs by award winning Asian furniture designers

13 iconic designs by award winning Asian furniture designers13 iconic designs by award winning Asian furniture designers

Iconic designer pieces for your home

Believe it or not, famous Asian furniture designers are starting to gain more popularity among consumers today. Despite many who favoured Western designers, these days the world cannot help but cast a curious eye to the east. Here are 13 iconic designs and famous names to watch for in Asia's booming furniture design industry.

13 famous Asian furniture designers and their iconic designs

Naihan Li from China

1. Expandable sofas from the CRATES range

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The name Naihan Li earned a spot amongst designers after her famous CRATES, a series of mobile foldable and pop-up furniture caught their attention.

Born in the 80s and graduated from London’s Bartlett School of Architecture, she later went on to collaborate with world-famous artist Ai Wei Wei.

2. I am a Monument

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Chinese architect turned designer, Naihan Li produces concept driven furniture designs based on architectural interpretations. Not only have her designs won top awards, but they are also unique and practical pieces. To get first dibs on her latest designs you can head on over to her website Naihanli.com or get it from 1stDibs.com

Kenneth Cobonpue from the Philippines

3. Bloom Easy Armchair Swivel

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You might have actually seen Kenneth's works without even realising it. This talented individual from Cebu is well known amongst famous Asian furniture designers. Take for example his iconic Bloom Easy Armchair Swivel that is inspired by a delicate blossom. What a cheery piece to add to your home!

4. Peacock easy chair

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A graduate of Pratt Institute in New York, he is also known to give modern designs a new twist by using natural fibres and materials. In fact, a couple of his creations have been seen on movie sets for the likes of Oceans 13 and CSI.  A furniture designer and manufacturer who has won several awards, his brand name is a firm favourite among Hollywood A-listers like Brad Pitt as well as members of royalty. To own one of these today, you can head over to his website Kenneth Cobonpue to place an order.

Naota Fukasawa from Japan

5. Muji wall-mounted CD player

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Fukasawa’s works need no introduction if you’re a Muji fan. Always creating sleek designs in everyday objects like calculators, fans and umbrellas, his iconic award-winning piece was a wall-mounted CD player.

6. HARBOR armchair by B&B Italia

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If you like clean modern looking designs then do check out his work. A graduate of the Tama Art University, Fukasawa does not only design for Muji but also collaborates with world renown brands like Alessi and B&B Italia. He also designs under his own label Plus Minus Zero, while having projects with Issey Miyake, Vitra and many more.

Hans Tan from Singapore

7. Terracotta vases

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The next up and coming name that's gaining popularity among famous Asian furniture designers, is native Singaporean, Hans. There are a lot of ways to describe his work. They are provocative, understated yet elegant, especially when he repurpose old vases that people no longer want. His work breathes a fresh air to the oldies and we can definitely see these two pieces being used as centrepieces in homes, whether minimalist or flamboyant.

8. Pour side tables

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Hans earned his first Singapore Furniture Design Award in 2005. This helped launch him into the limelight, but over the years he has diversified and branched into artefact designs, material designs etc.

Source: Hans Tan

Bae Se Hwa of South Korea

9. This long chair

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They say age is just a number, and even though Bae Se Hwa is young, he has shown immense potential. His sculptural wood pieces are so smooth, your guests will be stroking and admiring the wonderfully made piece of art.

10. Armchairs for a cosy corner

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Whether it is used as a statement piece in the living room tucked into a cosy corner, your guest will naturally gravitate to its uniqueness and beauty.

A structure with so much flow, it almost seems as though it has a life of its own.

Source: Bae Se Hwa

Anastasia Sulemantoro from Indonesia

11. Rangrang table - An ornamented table

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Anastasia Sulemantoro's Artm Studio specialises in the manufacture of solid wood and rattan furniture. Notable in Anastasia's IFFS showcase is the Rangrang Table, which has an integrated tabletop ornamentation from veneer inlay. Hence, no need for fancy cloth or runner for this table!

12. Rattan lamp shade

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If you look carefully, a rattan lamp shade is basically an upturned basket. But what's so awesome about them is that they add a nice handmade touch to your home. Either woven tightly or loosely to let light through, they are sure to look beautiful and ch addition to your home and

So, who says books won't look neat on the floor? Minimal looking, sleek but functional, this piece will really fit in if you have a zen theme going on.

Stephanie Ng from Malaysia

13. The Scoop table

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If you love minimalistic order then you would love this table called Scoop by Stephanie Ng. Her Scoop series which consists of lighting and furniture is most popular and is available in both America and Europe. An avid traveller herself, Stephanie has exhibited her works in London, Melbourne and Bangkok making.

With a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, her designs will appeal to the minimalist in you. Stephanie also won the grand prize in the 2015 Malaysian International Furniture Fair Furniture Design Competition.

Do you constantly need patience when hunting for unique pieces? Make it even better by drawing inspiration from these world-class designers!

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