The Feel Good Plan: The complete guide to starting your new year

The Feel Good Plan: The complete guide to starting your new yearThe Feel Good Plan: The complete guide to starting your new year

It's an opportunity to detox, declutter, a feel-good plan so to speak, to rejuvenate and celebrate a new start for the new year.

With the long week of holiday feasting behind us, now comes the start of a new year and an opportunity to start afresh. It is a great time to reflect on what has happened throughout the year, and ways how you can improve moving forward. An opportunity to detox, declutter, a feel good plan so to speak, to rejuvenate and celebrate a new start for the new year.

But before you start worrying about going on a diet, calling home more often or even redesigning your home to match your horoscope, you will need to pack down all your Christmas gear. That means stowing away all your festive dinnerware, decorations, and checking that there are no leftovers hidden away in your fridge. Only after all that is out of the way, then we can get to business with our feel good plan.

The feel good plan

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With a pen and paper, list down what you want to achieve for the year. Do you want to channel in better luck into your home for instance? Or declutter Konmari style? Is it eating better and or mustering the courage to eat something you would never dream of eating? What about learning new skills, or trying out more homecooked meals?

List them down so that you can plan and also prioritise what you need to do. Say you want to keep up with the trends by adding this year's colour. Of course, we don't mean for you to start painting your house coral. Instead, you will need time to decide what and where to buy things that would add this gorgeous orange hue around the house. Think about how apt that would be considering Chinese New Year is less than a month away!

Getting ready for round 2: Chinese New Year

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If you are Chinese, don't think you're done entertaining after Christmas, because you need to start making plans for Chinese New Year just around the corner. And if you're the type to keep with traditions, you'd know that it's time for the annual big clean up. This ritual thorough clean-up of your home is supposed to rid it of bad luck from the year that just ended and make space for the good luck that is sure to follow in the new one.

Even for those who are not Chinese or celebrating the lunar year, it is a great time to clean, reorganise and fix anything that needs fixing. What better time to start the year right!

But for those who are celebrating, there are so many things you can start doing now like cleaning your windows, defrosting your freezer and giving all your electric fans a thorough clean so that all the major cleanup is done before the month end. Don't wait until the last minute or you will be overwhelmed especially if you don't have extra help. Because by then you will be busy planning reunion dinners and revisiting family trees.

List everything down so that you can tackle each task one at a time. It might scare you to see a list so long, but remember that if you schedule each chore every alternate day and check it off diligently, you will get to the end of the list on time.

Push now and you'll make it in the end. Everyone will be patting you on the shoulder for a job well done. Now doesn't that feel good?

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Rosanna Chio