11 Accent pieces to bring Feng Shui Luck to your home

11 Accent pieces to bring Feng Shui Luck to your home11 Accent pieces to bring Feng Shui Luck to your home

If you're looking to build Feng Shui luck into your home, use these accent pieces and decorating tips to bring luck, good fortune, and happiness in.

Arranging your space involves considering daily activities, space requirements and personal aesthetic. But trying to bring Feng Shui luck into your home is actually not as difficult as one might think.

Traditional Chinese practices invoke a subtler influence with Feng Shui. This practice of Chinese geomancy adds an interesting energetic layer to decorating.

Feng Shui is used to create harmony and alignment in the home. What originated as a metaphysical art in generations past can now be adapted to fit a more modern setting.

Feng Shui-approved techniques create a feel-good environment that encourages the flow of Qi (or chi)—the universal, invisible energy behind the universe.

Bring Feng Shui luck into your home with décor that sparks good fortune.

Try adding these decorative elements to bring Feng Shui luck into your home.


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Save space with a barn door fashioned out of repurposed wood. Anchor your living room couch and occasional chair with a wooden coffee table.

Decorate your library shelves with wooden bookends. No matter what you choose, having the wood element present in your home is one the easiest Feng Shui tricks to achieve.


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With indoor plants proliferating everywhere these days, it’s easy to bring in a little bit of the outdoors in. Consider hanging some plants to help counteract the negative effects of staring at a computer or phone screen all day long.

Those seeking a low maintenance way to invoke the earth element can resort to plant-themed murals on the walls.

Water Feature

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Who doesn’t love the refreshing sound of running water? Placing a water feature in the home is great for your wealth corners—the parts of your home that encourage building wealth (think: southeast, southwest and the north).

Not a fan of little fountains? Use a rainmaker or a white noise machine to bring Feng Shui luck into your home.


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Spark up the heat in your home by placing candles in your bedroom. Said to help invigorate vitality and passion, candles symbolize purification and inspiration. On a practical level, they’re a perfect way to let your eyes rest and adjust to a warmer, subtler light.


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An easy way to pull metal into your space is through mirrors. The smart placement of these reflective surfaces can visually expand a cramped space and illuminate dark corners.


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Placed near the entrance of the home, facing indoors, aquariums are said to help multiply the abundance, wealth, and money, bringing Feng Shui luck into your home. An indoor aquarium encourages stress relief. It is an easy way to bring the outdoors in and offers a calming, Zen energy.

Orange tree

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Feng Shui philosophy puts the orange right on top of the list of fruits that help amp up your level of prosperity. Place it in a room where the family usually hangs out (think living room, family room, or even the dining area), and good fortune is said to befall the collective. Orange trees can really liven up the space with their fresh, invigorating scent as well. If you’re worried about not having a green thumb, consider a faux tree or even a painting—it’s the thought that counts.


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Who doesn’t love a beautiful peony? A symbol for romance, it’s the perfect flower to put in a vase on your bedroom’s nightstand to help usher in sensuality and healing for couples. If having a fresh supply of peonies week on week is too heavy on the budget, think of covering an accent wall of your room in peony-themed wallpaper or lighting up a classic peony-scented candle. Specific to younger couples, peonies allegedly encourage a roving eye among partners who've been together longer.

Ru Yi

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This metal sceptre is a traditional sign of leadership, power and authority. It is typically fashioned out of jade or gold and covered with precious stones. Placing a Ru Yi on top of your desk exudes and encourages major boss vibes. A Ru Yi can help you enforce discipline among unruly kids or difficult staff, too. Ru Yi’s literal translation is “as you wish,” making your wish everyone’s command. If a traditional Ru Yi isn’t exactly your style, think of bringing in some sceptre-inspired accessories, like sharp and cylindrical lighting fixtures.

Foo Dogs

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With Chinoiserie having experienced many comebacks as a design trend, Foo Dogs have become quite fashionable decorative pieces that work with even the most modern interiors. Used as symbolic protectors against burglars, a pair of Foo Dogs represents family wealth and social status. Placing these “lion dogs” by your main entrance will keep your wealth away from prying eyes.

Wealth Ship

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These replicas of ostentatious European ships allegedly help you multiply profit in business, bringing in luck and success. Wealth ships are an essential accessory for many moguls in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

The staunchest followers of Feng Shui place their wealth ships by the door and keep them accessorized with gold coins, semi-precious stones, and faux jewels. Shift to nautical themed accoutrements for a cleaner, more elegant look.

Bringing Feng Shui luck into your home isn't as complicated as you think. Make it even simpler with these tips! 

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