Feng Shui Tips For The Home That You Can Do Last Minute

Feng Shui Tips For The Home That You Can Do Last MinuteFeng Shui Tips For The Home That You Can Do Last Minute

Whether you are a strong believer in feng shui or only browse through your zodiac predictions casually, there’s no harm in trying to bring some balance and serenity to your home.

Check out these feng shui tips to attract luck in 2019 –

Best Colours For Your Home

yellow walls feng shui

Fill your room with earthy tones – brown, beige and light yellow

2019 is the year of the Earth Pig. Hence, it is good to include some earthy tones in your home this year. Warm shades of yellow, brown, beige and sand can exert a calming influence over the house’s inhabitants and keep them grounded.

Neutral shades are good too – such as grey, beige and ivory.

sofa brown throw

Brown sofa throw | Pinterest/Kate La Vie

No need to take drastic action like repainting your walls or buying brand-new furniture, however. Rather than disrupt your tirelessly constructed vision of your home.

Mix up a sofa with neutral tones by splashing a earthy orange or light yellow across it using a throw or sofa cushion.

Rugs, side-tables and ceramic pots are also some small additions that can change up to mood of your living room entirely.

red resin coasters

Red and gold CNY coasters | instagram (@sincerelycherise)

Red is always auspicious, so those are an easy way ornaments or items with a Chinese New Year flair. Gold also represents wealth, and brings some bedazzle to your home.

Flooring and Rugs

wooden floor fengshui

Wooden floors

The floor represents the foundation of your house, and in turn, the household. Wood, stone and tile flooring are the best this year as they are compatible with the earth element.

Those with cement flooring or other types of floors might want to change them up with a brown or cork-coloured rug.

Crystal Ornaments

crystal urban outfitters feng shui

Selenite Crystal Lamp | Urban Outfitters

Small ornaments and décor pieces can have a big impact.

Crystals have been a mainstay of feng shui for quite some time. Place a bowl of rose quartz on your coffee table or buy some agate or quartz coasters for both style and functionality.

Windows and door entrances are important in fengshui because they allow the flow of qi or ‘life energy’, into your house. Hang some crystal wall hangings by your window to attract good fortune and thwart away bad vibes.

Plants and Wood Ornaments

how to decorate a wall

Image | Pinterest / Buzzfeed

Live plants are great from bringing qi into your home.

Place the ever-popular money plant near your door to beckon prosperity in. The bamboo plant can be used as well due to its associations with fortunes, as a water plant.

Large, lush leaves are trendy right now, as are colourful orchards, which can add a pop of colour to your home.

Orchards and bamboo plants are also very hardy. So if you’re the type of person to forget to water your plants, they’re pretty much the way to go.

But Not Too Much Water!

Water elements are considered lucky for homes, but don’t over do it.

Feng shui stresses the important to have a balance of the five Chinese elements – wood, earth, fire, metal and water – in your home. Too much water can be detrimental to your home as it can overwhelm earth element, leading to discord and disharmony.

Check out other basic feng shui principles to maintain harmony and serenity to your home.


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Written by

Abigail Ang