Easy Filipino picnic meal ideas your whole family will love

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Looking for Filipino picnic food to share with the family this coming All Soul's day? Here are some ideas.

Food is a vital part of Asian culture and no milestone or special occasion would be complete without it. In the Philippines, this love for food extends to remembering the dearly departed. During All Soul's day, families spend the entire day, even sleep overnight, in cemeteries. So naturally, planning a delicious picnic is a must. Here are some Filipino favourite picnic food ideas to stuff your basket with.

Easy and Delicious Filipino Picnic Food


This beloved Filipino dish is easy to make and it keeps well, too. In fact, Adobo becomes even more tastier when enjoyed a day after it is prepared. You can find a recipe here.



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Pork Barbecue

Every Asian culture has some version of skewered meat and the Philippines is no exception. You can buy pre-cut barbecue pork in the supermarket and just marinate and grill them in the morning before packing them in your picnic basket.



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Lechon Manok

This is definitely a crowd pleaser! Store-bought is the way to go, especially if you don't have a charcoal grill or if you're pressed for time. Lechon manok comes with its own delicious gravy-like sauce, also known as sarsa, that truly completes the experience.



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Lechon Kawali

This delectable pork belly dish is made by first simmering the meat in water, salt, pepper and bay leaves until tender. Let it cool, sprinkle more salt as desired, then deep fry the pork belly in oil until golden it's brown and crispy. Cut the meat up into bite-sized pieces and enjoy with rice!



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Lumpiang Shanghai

All you will need are lumpia wrappers and ground pork or beef, onions, carrots, and eggs. Roll them up, and deep fry until golden brown and crispy. Don't forget to bring some banana ketchup!



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This comfort food is also a staple of Filipino family gatherings. It's tomato sauce-based stew typically made with pork, liver, potatoes, and carrots. Though some prefer adding hotdog slices for added flavour and texture.



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Sweet-style spaghetti is the only kind of spaghetti worth having for most Filipinos and with good reason, though the Italians would surely disagree. It's a kind of pasta that delights those of all ages.

It makes for a good Filipino picnic food choice because you can make the pasta in the morning and just cook the sauce right before you head out of the house. Make sure to store and carry it separately so the pasta doesn't become soggy.



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One of the best quick snacks that could be as filling as a full meal are sandwiches. You can whip up a variety of spreads, like tuna, ham, egg or chicken salad, and just store them in separate, no space containers. Don't forget to bring extra sliced bread for the whole gang!



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Macaroni Salad

This childhood Filipino favourite is typically made by mixing macaroni with chicken strips, eggs, pickle relish ham, pineapple chunks, and cheese and coating it all in a delicious mayo-condensed milk dressing.

What makes it a great Filipino picnic food? It can keep for about 3 to 4 hours unrefrigerated and up to 3 days if refrigerated.



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Fruit salad

This sweet, refreshing dessert is easy to make. Best of all, it's definitely a crowd pleaser.

This Filipino picnic food makes use of three main ingredients: canned fruit cocktail, media crema (table cream), and condensed milk. If you're using four cans of fruit cocktail you will need an entire can of condensed milk and two cans of table cream to coat it sufficiently. Leave the salad in the fridge to cool overnight.

You can also customise this classic Filipino picnic food by adding apples, coconut jelly, or cherries.



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We hope this list of Filipino picnic food helps make it an even more meaningful holiday with the family. What's in your picnic basket? Let us know below!

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