12 Food Scented Candles That Actually Smell Good

12 Food Scented Candles That Actually Smell Good12 Food Scented Candles That Actually Smell Good

You’ve likely heard of some unusual scented candles based on food items, like Pizza scented candles or the recently-released KFC Gravy scented candle. Some of them might have actually sounded tempting — Bacon-scented candles, mmm — though whether they actually would work remained a mystery.

Well, to help you avoid filling your house with a horrible-smelling candle scent, we have compiled a list of food scented candles that actually smell like the foods they are supposed to smell like.

Here are scented candles that actually smell like food… in a good way

1. Salted Caramel by Yankee Candle

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The names of the scents at Yankee Candle often tend to be vague, making it impossible to pinpoint its actual scents. I mean, what should a Garden By The Sea, Coastal Living or Pink Sands smell like?

Then there are some that are so straight forward and luckily actually smell like how they are named. Salted Caramel is one of them. This candle earned four out of five stars on Amazon, with one Amazon reviewer claiming that “Unlit, this candle smells like salted caramel,” but “Lit, it smells like someone cooking hot pancakes with syrup.” Someone buy me this candle now!

2. Warm Vanilla by LindsayLucasCandles

12 Food Scented Candles That Actually Smell Good

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Next, with more than 2000 positive reviews on Etsy, this candles boasts a rich, mouthwatering vanilla fragrance with hints of creamy coconut, white chocolate and fresh candyfloss. Delish!

3. Smell My Nuts by Our Own Candle Company

12 Food Scented Candles That Actually Smell Good

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This candle actually claims to smell like three foods: Banana Nut Bread, Toasted Coconut and Hazelnut. Hence, the name. While banana bread lovers probably can’t imagine a better aroma to fill their houses with, those hoping to shed some pounds would do well to heed to this warning issued by one Amazon reviewer, “Dieters beware! This scent makes you want to eat banana bread!”

4. Caramel Pecan by Our Own Candle Company

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This relatively more tamely-named candle by Our Own Candle Company is on our list because it is their second most popular candle after the ‘Smell My Nuts’ scent. But in fact, OOCC has multiple highly-rated scents on Amazon including ‘Cinnamon Hot Buns’, ‘Hot Apple Pie’, ‘Milk and Honey’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’.

5. Bacon & Bourbon Candle by Silver Dollar Candle Company

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Let’s be real – half of you are probably here for the Bacon-flavoured candle. This candle combines two popular scents into one. The company also allows you to order custom made labels to put on their candles, making it the perfect gift for your bacon-loving friends!

6. Coffee Scented Candles by LumaBase

Who doesn’t love the smell of a steaming cup of coffee in the mornings? Now, you don’t even have to get up to boil water or get the coffee machine going to get a whiff of coffee. Though simply smelling it is unlikely to give you the health benefits of your morning cuppa’.

7. Pumpkin Patch by Bath & Body Works

The Bath & Body Works brand has many, many pumpkin-related scented candles. According to many Amazon reviewers, however, this is the one that smells the most like pumpkin. As one Amazon reviewer put it, “It is just the right blend of pumpkin puree, autumn spices (not too heavy), brown sugar (or molasses they say this year), and maybe even the tiniest smidgen of pie undertone beneath it all.”

8. Pumpkin Vanilla by Bath & Body Works

This is the last pumpkin-related candle in this list, we promise. This smells exactly like Pumpkin Pie. A must-have for fans of Starbucks annual Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

9. Mellow Out by The Fragrance Lab

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The smell of this candle will conjure images of fluffy marshmallows sizzling over an open bonfire, and Christmas.

10. Nacho Cheese by The Stinky Candle Company

For those looking for a pleasant-smelling candle, this may not be it. The Stinky Candle Company takes pride in its concoction of strong, stinky candles, from Garlic candles to Potting Soil candles. For those who love their nacho chips at the movie theatre though, this may be right up your alley.

11. Birthday Cake by DW Home Decoware

12 Food Scented Candles That Actually Smell Good

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This deliciously scented candle will engulf your home with a rich, sweet scent, without the effort of actually having to bake a cake. Boasting a burn-time of 56 hours, you can make your house smell like it’s your birthday for days on end.


12. Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Stinky Candle Company

12 Food Scented Candles That Actually Smell Good

Source: amazon.com

Because is there anything more heavenly than the aroma of a freshly baked batch of cookies?

13. (Bonus) White Sangria, Cabernet and Malbec by Bed, Bath and Beyond

While technically not a food, wine is something close to many people’s hearts. Indulge yourself with the aroma of your favourite wine the next time you’re planning a relaxing soak in your bathtub.

For those who like to keep a glass at hand, check out our list of 31 delectible Asian wines and spirits.


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