Vegetarians rejoice! Enjoy your Keto diet by including these delicious foods

Vegetarians rejoice! Enjoy your Keto diet by including these delicious foodsVegetarians rejoice! Enjoy your Keto diet by including these delicious foods

Take clean eating to another level with these simple foods that are easily available!

Everyone’s fighting to look as best as they can in time for Chinese New Year. The Keto diet is a popular choice. It involves eating more foods with high-fat content and less carbohydrates. This means a lot of meat is included. But even vegetarians can stick with a Keto diet without compromising on their food choices! Here are 11 dishes and foods to include for a vegetarian Keto diet.

11 food choices to maintain a vegetarian Keto diet

1. Avocadoes

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Avocadoes are packed with nutrition and are a perfect choice to include in a Keto diet. They are full of healthy fats, as well as a great source of fibre to keep you fuller for longer.

2. Tofu

Plant-based meat alternatives are essential to the vegetarian Keto diet. The soybeans are high in calcium and protein for stronger bones and also keeping your body functioning properly.

3. Olive oil

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One of the healthiest cooking oils to consume, you can fry with it or use as a dressing. A versatile food that enhances your dishes in a vegetarian keto diet, you’ll probably use it for a lot of things!

4. Leafy-green vegetables

Naturally, you’ll be eating a ton of veggies. Thankfully, a lot of them are lower in carbs when compared to other grains. Furthermore, they’re also full of nutrients and minerals to keep your body in top shape. Just like spinach is a great source of iron for a strong heart. And celery has tons of anti-oxidants while being nearly zero calories!

5. Sweeteners

If you’ve just started a Keto diet, you might still crave a pinch of sugar in your tea or in sweet treats. Plant-based sweeteners like Stevia are a fantastic low-carb alternative so you can keep up the diet without sacrificing too much taste. Just use it in moderation.

6. Cheese

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High-fat and low-carb foods are the name of the game. So that’s why cheese is on everyone’s must-have foods in a vegetarian Keto diet! If possible, choose natural cheese rather than processed ones.

7. Plain Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a wonderful food that you can use in various dishes. It’s a high-protein food that can either be added to your dish or blended in a smoothie.

8. Nuts and seeds

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If you’re feeling peckish, grab a small handful of nuts or seeds and chew away! Naturally rich in fibre and healthy fats, these are great to add in a vegetarian Keto diet and to tide you over between meals. But remember to eat in moderation and not to over-indulge – it’s easy to binge without realising. Your waistline will thank you for it.

9. Coconut oil

Another popular vegetarian Keto diet food is coconut oil. Consuming coconut oil can reduce heart disease, decrease cholesterol levels and even make you smarter! But best of all, it can help you shed extra pounds!

10. Berries

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Generally, it’s recommended to avoid fruits because of their naturally high sugar content. Berries are the exception because they have less sugar than their bigger fruit counterparts. A good addition in a vegetarian keto diet, just make sure not to eat too many.

11. Dark chocolate

Thank goodness we can still eat chocolate! While you might feel there are many restrictions in a vegetarian Keto diet, this cocoa treat isn’t on the blacklist. Try to eat chocolate with 70% cocoa content. And as with all things in life, eat in moderation.

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Vinnie Wong