8 steps to keeping flowers fresh and how to save wilting ones

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Whether it’s a bouquet you’ve received or store-bought ones, here’s how you can keep them fresh for days.

Nothing brightens up a room faster than a vase full of fresh flowers. They’re beautiful and cheery:  we wish we could keep them that way forever. However, getting the most out of them involves more than just plopping them in a vase. Whether it’s a bouquet you’ve received or store-bought ones, here’s how you can keep them fresh for days…and even revive dead ones!

Easy Fresh Flower Hacks Guide

1. Use the right tools

Use clean, sharp, cutting tools such as knives, gardening clippers or shears. DO NOT use ordinary scissors, as these will crush the stems and prevent the flower from properly absorbing water.

2. Give them the snip

Cut the stem about an inch from the bottom, at an angle, not straight across. This is important, because it creates a larger surface area for the stem to absorb water. After cutting, immediately place the stem in water.

3. No soggy leaves

Trim or pull off any foliage or leaves that are below the water line. This will prevent rotting and bacterial growth, which will shorten the life of your flowers.

fresh flower hacks

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4. Feed your flower

Pour in some clear lemon/lime soda in your vase water! The sugar in it feeds the flower and helps it to last longer. The ratio is: for every three parts water, add one part of clear soda. If you’re using a clear vase, just eyeball it: put the water in first, then pour in enough soda to fill up 1/4th of the vase.

5. Keep it clean

Replace the water and re-cut the stems as soon as your flowers show any signs of wilting, or if the water turns cloudy or starts to smell.

6. Keep it cool

Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat, such as drafts from appliances. If you can keep them in an air-conditioned room, even better!

7. Stay away from fruit

Here’s a weird one: keep your flowers away from any fruit! Ripening fruits emit a type of gas, which will affect the freshness of your flowers.

8. Keep it even cooler

If you have space, keep your flowers (still in the vase) in the refrigerator, at nighttime. Doing this will be a huge help in extending the life of your flowers for a few more days.

First Aid Tips for Dying Flowers 

Are your flowers wilted? Are the necks bent? You can still save them with this hack!

fresh flower hacks

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  • Prepare a container large enough to fit your flowers.
  • Fill it with warm water.
  • Cut an inch off the stems and immerse the entire flower or bouquet right away in the water.
  • Leave to soak for an hour or two.
  • When the flowers have revived, remove from water, place the stems back in the vase, and follow the tips above.

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